I accidentally sent out a batch of invoices by email. How to figure out which ones got sent in new QuickBooks Online?

From the Homepage screen, go to the blue navigation bar on the left Select Transactions Select Customer Select Gear (Not the company gear located top upper corner. This one is located in the right middle corner next printer and excel icons) Select “Email” and “Status” from the dropdown selector See screenshot photos below for reference […]

Can I import Inventory with Quantity on Hand from Excel Spreadsheet in new QuickBooks Online?

YES, you can import Inventory with Quantity on Hand from Excel Spreadsheet. Import from Excel spreadsheet (see attached sample spreadsheet format below) GO the Company Gear (located at upper right hand corner) Select “Import Data” under Tools heading Select “Product and Services” Click “Choose File” button to import Follow the instructions I would recommend importing […]

How to change cash flow forecast beginning balance in new QuickBooks Online?

In QBO, Cash Flow Forecast beginning balance is based on accrual basis accounting method. And, it is fixed. No way to change it from accrual to cash. If you are running the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss reports, you will need run on accrual basis as well to match with Cash Flow Forecast report? […]

How do I record a refund to a customer in new QuickBooks Online?

If you have credit balance in customer’s account (A/R) and need to refund customer by payment (by check or by online), you should be using Check or Expense under Vendors header, not Refund Receipt form which works differently. From home page screen, click “+1” sign Select check (or expense if you paying online) under Vendors […]

How to add Inventory in new QuickBooks Online Plus?

In current QuickBooks Online, inventory accounting features are very limited. Inventory feature is available in QuickBooks Online Plus only. Inventory feature is not available in QBO Essentials or Simple Start. To turn on Inventory tracking feature: Click on the Company Gear on the upper right hand corner and select Company Settings Click on the Sales […]

How to bring back a deleted Customer (Client) in new QuickBooks Online?

Click on Customers Center ( or Clients) on the left to get to the list. Over to the right of the list there is a grey gear icon (Settings). It is next to Print List and Export to Excel) Don’t confuse this with the blue gear icon on top. Place a check mark in the […]

How long does it take to show up after I have imported my company file from QuickBooks desktop (QBDT) into new Quickbooks Online (QBO)?

There are two ways to import QuickBooks company file from desktop to QuickBooks Online. Of course, if your company file is very large, it will take longer than a very small company file, so keep that in mind. If you chose the option in your QuickBooks desktop under the Company menu for Export Company File to QuickBooks Online, […]

How do you put your QuickBooks Online onto a flash drive?

That’s a really great question! While you can absolutely make a copy of your QuickBooks Online data and store that copy on a flash drive, there are a few limitations that I’d like to go over with you first. That copy of the data is intended for your own peace of mind. You will not […]

Capital Expenditure Issues?

We are building an IT platform with custom software, the costs of which can be considered capex (capital expenditure) and capitalised on the balance sheet as an asset but I cannot see which account in QBO to do this? It’s generally part of Fixed Assets Category Type. Click Company Gear > select Chart of Account […]

How do I bill an out-of-pocket cash expense to my client/customer?

Just open a new bank account type and call it Cash account. Use this account for all cash related expenses. Add to Cash account, if you are making cash withdrawals from main checking account. You will have running Petty Cash account. In fact, it will be more accurate accounting if you have cash withdrawals and […]