How to get here?

From the home page screen > company gear (upper right corner) > settings > company settings > PayByCoin

First, you will need to enable this feature plug-in by going to QuickBooks Labs (gear > settings > quickbooks lab) > Switch to ON > Done.



    • Payment Processor – To get started, please create an account with BitPay.

      In BitPay, create an API key by clicking on API and then on API Access Keys.

      Choose + Add New API Key. Give the key a Memo if you desire.
      Save Changes and then copy and paste the API Key into this form.

      Finally, press Save & Validate to validate and activate bitcoin payments.

      Selection choice: BillPay or Coinbase

    • API Key – enter api key code
    • Enable bitcoin on recurring invoices – On or Off
    • Status – Active or Not Active