Create Vendors

How to enter various vendor (supplier) transactions in new QuickBooks Online?

    From the homepage screen

  • Select Create “+” (plus) sign (upper-middle)
  • Select “Vendors” to create transactions

Create Vendors Reference Guide

Vendors Transaction TypeDescription
ExpenseEnter debit card, ATM, cash withdrawals, bank fees by selecting Bank Account.
Enter credit card payment by selecting Bank Account.
Enter credit card charges setting up as liability by selecting Credit Card Company.
CheckEnter expense paid by manual check or to be printed check
BillEnter bill from vendor (supplier) to be paid later
Pay BillsPay entered bills from vendor by check (or other forms of payment)
Purchase OrderNon-posting type. Create PO to place an order vendor (supplier)
Vendor CreditEnter credit received from vendor returned item, discount or over-billing
Credit Card CreditEnter credit issued by credit card company only
Print ChecksChecks for printing by selecting “Print Checks” when you enter transactions from Pay Bills (or Check)
vendors clasification
vendors clasification

New QuickBooks Online Plus – How to enter various expenses in new QBO?

In this tutorial video, it deals with entering all kinds of possible expense transactions in new QuickBooks Online. Although it’s a long video, it goes through several stages of step-by-step process of learning about how to deal with entering expenses.

  • In the first stage, it deals with how to enter expenses like debit card, credit card, ATM, cash withdrawal, bank fee, wire transfer, write check, enter Vendor Bill to pay later as A/P, Pay Bill by the Check and create Purchase Order and more.
  • In the second stage, it deals with how to set up and enter billable charges to customers.
  • In the third stage, it covers how to set up and enter expenses by class tracking and location tracking.
  • In the final stage, it covers how those enter expenses will show up on various financial reports.

This is probably the best in-depth video that covers vendor expenses in new QuickBooks Online Plus. This is highly recommended video, if you are serious about learning one important aspect of new QuickBooks Online.

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Create Customers Reference Guide

Customers Transaction TypeDescription
InvoiceBill your customer (client) and receive payment later (like 15 days/30 days).
Receive PaymentRecord a payment received from a customer (client) against open invoice.
EstimateCreate a new estimate, quote, proposal, or (bid). Non-posting type. It can convert to Invoice. But, no progress invoice.
Credit MemoCredit memo/refund for returned products or over billing.
Sales ReceiptBill your customer (client) and receive the payment at the same time.
Refund ReceiptIssue customer refund from bank checking account or Paypal account.
Delayed CreditCreate credit memo in advance for potential sales returns. Non-positing type. It can convert to credit memo.
Delayed ChargeCreate invoice for pipeline revenue. Maintain sales backlog. Non-posting type. It can convert to Invoice.
Statement (under “Other” heading)Create a new statement to show a customer history of account activity
Bank Deposit (under “Other” heading)Record bank deposit from receive payment deposited to Undeposited Funds account