Create an invoice if you bill your Customer (if need to change Customer level to Donors or something different. See below for instructions) after the sale is made and expect to be paid later like Net 15 or Net 30. Entering an Invoice will create Accounts Receivable (A/R) account as debit which will show up on Customers Center. It will also recognize as revenue to Income account in P&L as credit side of the entry.

If the customer pays you at the time of the sale, use a sales receipt instead.

If you track sales tax, set it up on the Sales Tax page (form homepage screen > select blue navigation bar on the left > select sales tax) before you create an invoice.

Invoice Form
Invoice Form

How to create an Invoice?

  • Choose a Customer from the list or fill out a new Customer Information Form (see below for screenshot photo)
  • Enter Customer email (optional)
  • Select Terms from the list or add new one
  • If you need the following custom fields added, you will need to change Sale Form Content settings. See below for instructions
    – Ship Via, Shipping Date and Tracking Number ( all three part of shipping selection)
    – Custom1, Custom2, and Custom3
  • Enter Product/Service (see below for instructions)
  • Enter Quantity for Inventory. Leave this field blank for service
  • Check “Rate” for Invoicing. If different change it here.
  • Amount will automatically compute.
  • Select Tax field if Taxable
  • Optional available Customer Invoice fields: Class Tracking, Location Tracking and Service Date. Also assign Customer Invoice Number, Discount ($ or %0 after Subtotal). They will all need to be enabled from going to Company Settings under Settings under Settings. Select Company or Sales settings.
  • Select Save and Send or Save and New or Save or Close
  • Done. It should show up on Customers Center now.
Customer Information
Customer Information



How to change Customer level?

  • From the Home Page screen, select the Company Gear (located at top upper corner)
  • Select Company Settings under Settings
  • Select Company
  • Select Customer level and change it
  • Save

Available selection:

  • Customers
  • Donors
  • Guests
  • Members
  • Patients
  • Tenants
Customer Level
Customer Level

How to change Sale Form Content settings?

  • From the Home Page screen, select the Company Gear (located at top upper corner)
  • Select Company Settings under Settings
  • Select Sales
  • Select Form content and change it
  • Save
Sales Form Content
Sales Form Content

What is the difference between a product and a service?

A product is something you can touch, a service is an action performed by someone (labor). If you sell a new computer that’s a product. The installation of that computer is a service.

In QBO, product is setup as either inventory with quantity whereas service is setup with no quantity.

What is a product code and a service code?

In new QuickBooks Online, product list (like Item list) is like setting up Product price list that you would sell to your customer. Service list is like setting up Service rate list that you would invoice to your customer.

Product Inventory Information Form
Product Inventory Information Form

Service Non Inventory-Information Form
Service Non Inventory-Information Form

How to setup or add inventory? See detailed instructions below.
How to setup inventory in new QuickBooks Online Plus?
How to add Inventory in new QuickBooks Online Plus?