Delayed Charge

Delayed Charge is keeping an advance record of what revenue to come in the future. It can be also looked as pipeline revenue or tracking of sales backlog of the company. This form looks very similar to Invoice or Sales Receipt, but it’s no-posting type entry to the ledger. Based on this information, you can create the actual invoice later. You can also make this recurring type.

This feature is only available in Plus and Essentials, but not in Simple Start.

You can run the standard “Unbilled Charges” report to review current sales backlog. You can even customize this report as needed. This report could be an effective financial management tool if properly used.

Delayed Charge Entry
Delayed Charge Entry
Unbilled Charges Report
Unbilled Charges Report
Customers - Invoices, Sales Receipt, Receive Payment, Bank Deposit
Customers – Invoices, Sales Receipt, Receive Payment, Bank Deposit

How to use “Delayed Charge” form to produce Sales Backlog (Pipeline Revenue), Sales and Cash Forecast?

How can I print the delayed charge?

It does not have a print option at this time.

Next option is to print “Audit History.”
Locate and open the Delayed Charge
Select “Audit History” from “More” (bottom middle) dropdown selector