Purchase Order

To turn ON purchase Orders:

1.Click Gear

2.Click Company Settings

3.Click Expenses

4.Click the Pencil next to purchase orders

5.Put a Check mark on Use Purchase Orders

To create Purchase Order:

  • GO to “+” sign (top middle)
  • Select Purchase Order under Vendors heading
  • Create Purchase Order

If you do not see Vendors,Click Show more

To receive inventory and enter bill:

  • GO to “+” sign (top middle)
  • Select “Bill” under Vendors heading
  • Select “Vendor” from the list (top left)
  • On right side “Purchase Order” add to link pop-up
  • Click “Add” link
  • It will automatically add to “Item details”
  • Check to see received everything from PO
  • Save and Close
Purchase Order Form
Purchase Order Form

To pay bill to vendor:

  • GO to “+” sign (top middle)
  • Select “Pay Bills” under Vendors heading
  • Select Vendor
  • Select and locate bill to pay
  • Save and Close

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