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Achieve Paperless Freedom

Using the groundbreaking Shoeboxed/QuickBooks integration you’ll never have to handle another receipt again. Simply fill a Shoeboxed prepaid envelope with all of your receipts or snap a picture with the mobile app and they’ll be carefully scanned, organized, categorized and forwarded directly into your QuickBooks account.

Streamline Accounting & Bookkeeping

Shoeboxed saves the average small business owner four hours a week by eliminating tedious weekly and monthly accounting tasks. Every expense will become a QuickBooks entry without you ever lifting a finger, creating more time to focus on the growth and success of your business.

Maximize Every Reimbursement

All receipt images in Shoeboxed are IRS-accepted, meaning that filing your taxes is a breeze. With every receipt at your fingertips, you’ll end the fiscal year with a happy accountant and more money in your pocket from rebates and reimbursements.

Sync with QuickBooks in Seconds

It takes only seconds to sync your receipts in Shoeboxed with your QuickBooks account. Shoeboxed imports your chart of accounts and prompts you to set rules for both payment accounts and expense categories, meaning a swift and seamless accounting process.

Works the Way You Do

Shoeboxed fits into and optimizes your workflow, making your business more efficient and profitable. Send your receipts into QuickBooks using Shoeboxed’s prepaid Magic envelopes, with one of their free mobile apps for iPhone, Android, or iPad, by forwarding any eReceipt to, letting Shoeboxed grab receipts from your Gmail account or through their free desktop uploader.