Bank Reconciliation

I cannot find the option to do bank reconciliation.

From the Home page screen
Select the Company Gear (located top upper corner)
Select “Reconcile” under Tools header
Choose the account from the drop-down list to reconcile
See screenshot photo for reference

Bank Reconcile
Bank Reconcile

QuickBooks Online doesn’t have an Undo Last Reconciliation feature. To unreconcile a reconciliation you’ll need to unreconcile each transaction via the register.


To access and print a previous reconciliation report:

      • From the gear icon go to Reconcile.
      • Choose the account from the drop-down list.
      • Click on the desired reconciliation report.
      • Once the report is open, click Print.

To undo a reconciliation:

Reconcile Go To Register
Reconcile Go To Register
  • Select Transactions on the left menu then Registers.
  • Click on the account then click Go to Register
  • Find the transactions that need to be unreconciled, one at a time.
  • To highlight click on the transaction.
  • Click on the R on the top line of the transaction, which is between the Payment and Deposit or Charge and Payment amount. Clicking in this field will allow you to change the status of the transaction to the desired status from blank = unreconciled to C = Cleared.
  • Click on Save.
  • A message will appear: This transaction has already been reconciled. You should only remove the R if you’re correcting a mistake. Are you sure you want to remove the R? click Yes.
  • Continue this process for each transaction on the reconciliation report or statement you want to unreconcile.

How to undo a bank reconciliation without clicking of all the Rs manually in the registers in new QuickBooks Online?

There is no easy answer. Removing the Rs from the register can turn into a long, tedious process.

Unfortunately, QuickBooks Online doesn’t currently have a way written into the program to undo a reconcile all at once. If you feel the reconcile must be undo, then we do require that reconciles be undone transaction by transaction.
Other alternative:
Ask your Accountant or a Certified ProAdvisor with QB Online Accountant (QBOA) subscription to undo it for you. They can do it in QuickBooks Online Accountant.

QuickBooks Online Accountant version – How to UNDO bank reconciliation in QBO Accountant

Only an accountant user can undo a reconciliation. What you can do is add yourself as an accountant (IT IS FREE) and then make the changes you need. To do this:

Click the Gear Icon with your company name (upper right corner)
Under “Your Company” select Manage Users
Click Invite Accountant
Follow the instructions to add yourself. Once you receive and accept the confirmation email, you can undo your reconciliations. To do this:

Click the Gear Icon
Under “Tools” select Reconcile
Select the account
Hover your mouse over the incorrect reconciliation and click Undo (watch the video).