The Navigation Bar
From the QBO home page screen > go to navigation bar on the left. The Navigation Bar has the items that you used to see in tabs across the top of the page (like
Customers, Vendors, Banking and Employees). This is where you come to see how you’re doing, what you’ve done, and choose what you want to do next.

Try it out for customers, vendors, employees, transactions and much more.


Here are a few examples of what you can do from here:

  • Click Customers to create a new invoice for a customer (client), or review a customer’s transactions over time.
  • Click Vendors to create a new bill for a vendor (supplier), or review a vendor’s transactions over time.
  • Click Employees to create a new employee, or review an employee’s transactions over time.
  • Click Banking under Transactions to review your banking information, or sync bank account with QuickBooks. This is also referred to as bank feed.
  • Click Sales under Transactions to review all sales transactions (like Invoice, Sales Receipt and Money In).
  • Click Expenses under Transactions to review all expense transactions (like Bill, Check and Money Out).
  • Click Chart of Accounts under Transactions to create and review your company’s chart of accounts. You can see “Bank Register” (also known as check register) from here by clicking “View Register” under action column (far right corner).
  • Click Print Checks under Transactions to print queued checks or add new check (upper right corner) to print.
  • Click Reports to print built-in reports. Go to report (magnifying glass) and type name of a report.
  • Click Sales Tax to set up sales tax settings, or record tax payment. You can also view sales tax liability report from here.
  • Click Apps to check out new and top rated apps. You can browse apps by category.
  • Marketing (Still at QuickBooks Labs). To enable this feature, go to Company Gear (upper right corner) > Settings > Quickbooks Labs > Customer Ratings > On). Ask customers to rate your business with private feedback or public reviews.
  • Do More. Do More with QuickBooks (like tips & tutorials, products & services and more.