Payment Methods

Displays Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash, Check, and any other ways you categorize payments you receive from customers. That way, you can run quick report by customer payment method. For example, if you want to run customer payments by credit card only, you can run report from here.

From the home page screen > company gear (upper right corner) > lists > all lists > payment methods

payment methods
Payment Methods

    • It is available in all three plans.There is no need to turn feature on to use it. Payment Methods page displays three columns (name, credit card and action). The selection of Credit Card payment method will show checkmark.
    • To add New Payment Method > select New (blue button, upper right corner) > small screen will open > Name payment method > select if credit card method > save

    payment methods

    • To run Payment Methods list > from the Payment Methods page > select Run report (next to New button, not under Action column)

    payment method list


    • For Edit, Delete > select down-arrow (next to run report) under Action column
    • To run Payment Methods Quick Report > From the Payment Methods page > select Run report under Action column > Customize if needed and run report>Optional: Save Customizations button to make this as “My Custom Reports”for business.

      Sample report below is for customer payments made by American Express credit card. To run other payment method > select payment method and run report.

    run report