transactions new bar

From the Home page screen

  • Select Transactions (from left navigation bar)

From drop down selector, you will see the following:

  • Banking: Banking tab is for connecting your accounts and automatically downloading transactions from you bank and bringing it into QuickBooks Online. Click here for more bank feeds.
  • Sales: It will list all recent sales related transactions up to 300 items.
  • Expenses: It will list all recent sales related transactions up to 300 items.
  • Chart of Accounts (Registers): It will list all General Ledger Accounts from bank type to expenses type. It will also show QuickBooks Balance for the Balance Sheet accounts only. You can also view register for all the Balance Sheet accounts from here. Register is located far right under Action column. You can also run Quick Account Report for any accounts from here (for Balance Sheet accounts by choosing drop-down arrow).For Bank account, by clicking “View Register, it will take to Bank (Cash) Register.
  • Print Checks: This is to print checks. You can print Voucher Checks or Standard (3 parts) Checks from here.

How do I print Invoices by batch, rather than one at a time? 
You should be able to batch print from the Sales Transactions page.
From the home page screen

  • Go to the blue navigation bar on left
  • Select Sales
  • Filter Invoices by Open and to be printed status
  • Simply check the boxes of the ones you need to print or select Batch Actions and Print Transactions
Print Batch Invoices
Print Batch Invoices