Where is the bank register in new QuickBooks Online?

From the Home page screen

  • Go to the blue navigation bar on the left
  • Select Transactions
  • Select Registers
  • Locate the bank account on Registers list
  • Double click the bank account
  • “Find in Register” button (top upper right)
  • “Customize” button column (top left)
  • “Go to Ref # ” (top right)
  • Double click on transaction – Save Edit Cancel Delete bar will open
  • Click on “Edit” will take to original entry
  • “Reconcile” link (bottom right)
Bank Register
Bank Register

New QuickBooks Online (QBO) New QuickBooks Online (QBO)New QuickBooks Online (QBO)New QuickBooks Online (QBO)


How do I change the beginning balance of reconciling?

Normally you do not change the beginning balance to reconcile bank account. You reconcile with ending balance, unless beginning balance is also the opening balance. And, when opening balance is off, you go to bank register and make the change.

Start with left blue navigation bar > select Transactions > select Registers > Highlight bank account > GO to Register (located top right corner) > locate opening deposit and make change > Save

Bank Register Opening Balance
Bank Register Opening Balance