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Tags in QuickBooks Online QBO – Tracking County Sales, Out of State Sales, Sales to Pay Rep Commissions

Tag transactions in QuickBooks Online

Tags are customizable labels that let you track transactions however you’d like right for your business.

You can tag transactions such as invoices sales receipts, expenses, checks, and bills.

When you put Tags into Tag Groups, you can easily see how your business is doing. You’ll need Tag Groups to get reports for your tags. Currently, they have got the following two standard reports:

  1. Profit and Loss by Tag Group
  2. Transaction List by Tag Group

In this video, it will show how to tag transactions for tracking California County Sales, Out of State Sales and Sales to pay Rep Commissions.

Examples of creating a tag group and tags:

Example 1:

  • Tag Group = Tracking California Statewide Sales or Out of State Sales
  • Tags = California counts such as Alameda, Humboldt, Merced, San Bernardo, Salona and so on.

Example 2:

  • Tag Group = Tracking Sales to pay Sales Commissions
  • Tags = Name of Sales Reps like Joe, Amy, Bette, Matthew, Bill, Jennifer and so on.
Tags Overview
Tags Overview

County Sales
County Sales
Sales by Sales Rep & Commission Expense
Sales by Sales Rep & Commission Expense
Transaction List
Transaction List


QuickBooks Online QBO

How can I make batch changes to categorized transactions without having to go through and click every single one of them in my register

Here is how to modify your transactions by batch so you’ll not go through each and every single one of them in your register:

With your expense transactions, you can visit the Expenses menu from the left Dashboard. You can filter the transaction you want to update except Split transaction, then categorize them.

  • Go to the Expenses menu from the left Dashboard.
  • Select the Expenses tab.
  • Click the Filter drop-down.
  • Choose Type, Dates, and Category as you need.
  • Select Apply.
  • Choose the transaction by clicking the box beside the Date column.
  • Click the Batch actions drop-down arrow, then select Categorize selected.
  • Select the correct category by clicking the drop-down arrow in the Categorize Selected window.
  • Click Apply.

In this example below, it shows how to batch recategorize expenses from the Purchases account category to the Purchases-1 account category.

Note: Batch action will not work on split transactions. Split transaction means more than one account has been used to record the transaction.

bank feed bank feeds/page/2/ Banking

How do I match a batch deposit for payment of an invoice and vendor refund deposit?

Example: My total deposit amount is $1,300, $1,200 for payment for the outstanding invoice and $100 for Insurance refund.

  • From the Banking Review tab, find the Deposit transaction you want to match with customer payment plus insurance refund.
  • Click the Deposit transaction row in question.
    Click the “Find match” radio button.
  • Match transactions screen will open. See the screenshot below for reference.
  • Select the transaction to match for Invoice payment.
  • Click the RESOLVE button.
  • Under Add resolving transactions section, add an insurance refund deposit. The total deposit should match now.
  • Save.

Find match resolve transaction

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QuickBooks Online Tutorial: QuickBooks 2020 Getting Started for Beginners

QuickBooks Online Tutorial: QuickBooks 2020 Getting Started for Beginners

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Compare Features and Usage Limits of QuickBooks Online Plans – Advanced, Plus, Essentials, and Simple Start

QuickBooks Online QBO

How to customize Sales Report by Sales Rep to calculate Commissions in QuickBooks Online QBO

Currently, there is no built-in Customer Sales Detail by the Sales Rep report to pay commission in QBO at this time.

The workaround in QBO is to use one of three available custom fields on the sales forms (invoice and sales receipt) for Sales Rep (as a text field). And then you can run the standard Sales by Customer Detail Report, and filter Group by Sales Rep. Since this is just a text field so you will need to assign sales rep every time you create an invoice or sales receipt.

With QBO Advanced version, you can assign Sales Rep at the Customer Information level but on other plans, such feature option is not available.

Customer Sales Detail Report customized by Sales Rep
Gear icon > Your Company > Account & Settings > Sales > Sales form content > Custom fields > Save
Create an Invoice: Select “+ New” > Customers > Invoice (or Sales Receipt > Enter Sales Rep
Run Report: Left Dashboard > Reports > Select Sales by Customer Detail > Filter Group by “Sales Report” > Run Report. (Optional: Save Customization button if you want to customize this report to make it your own report).
QuickBooks Online QBO

Compare Features and Usage Limits of QuickBooks Online Plans – Advanced, Plus, Essentials, and Simple Start

The following table will show features and usage limits available in various QuickBooks Online plans:

Compare Features and Usage Limits of QuickBooks Online plans - Advanced, Plus, Essentials, Simple Start

 AdvancedPlusEssentialsSimple Start
Price RulesYesYesNoNo
Progress InvoicingYesYesYesYes
Track expenses and items by customerYesYesNoNo
Makes expenses and items billableYesYesNoNo
Purchase OrdersYesYesNoNo
Track classesYesYesNoNo
Track locationsYesYesNoNo
Time TrackingYesYesYesNo
Multi CurrencyYes YesYesNo
Recurring TransactionsYesYesYesNo
Custom FieldsYesNoNoNo
Manage WorkflowsYesNoNoNo
Import Data - Invoices from Excel CSV fileYesYesYesYes
Customer TypesYesYesNoNo
Customers - Delayed credit and Delayed chargeYesYesYesNo
Accounts Payable (Bill & Pay Bills)YesYesYesNo
Enter Batch Transactions for Invoices, Checks, Expenses, BillsYesNoNoNo
QBO Support - Priority CircleYesNoNoNo
Apps: Chronobooks, FathomYesNoNoNo
Usage limits
Billable Users25531
Chart of AccountsUnlimited250250250
Classes and locationsUnlimited40Not availableNot available

In this video, we will do a full comparison between various QuickBooks Online plans. We will do a deep dive into every aspect of Advanced, Plus, Essentials, Simple Start versions of QBO, and review all their features one by one. Hopefully, it will provide you with enough information to evaluate the right QBO plan for your business.

Import Data Invoice QuickBooks Online QBO

How to import INVOICES from Excel in QuickBooks Online QBO

Importing Invoices from Excel
Import Map Fields

UPDATE: This import invoices from the Excel CSV feature is available on all QBO plans now. Steps: Gear – Tools – Import Data – Invoices.

Customer Center Customers Customers Center Customize Report QuickBooks Online QBO Reports

How to Setup Customer Type and Run Sales Detail by State Using Customer Type in QuickBooks Online

Sales by Customer Type Detail Report (available in Plus plan and Advanced plan)
Deposit Invoice QuickBooks Online QBO

How to record Prepaid Unearned Income? How to convert this Prepaid Unearned Income to Revenue Income when it becomes Earned Income?

As a general accounting method (especially if you’re an Accrual basis)*, you would record Prepaid Unearned Income from Customer to a Current Liability account. See the screenshot below for how to create this account in your Chart of accounts.

Prepaid Unearned Income

You’ve two ways of handling this, select one which works best for your business.

Option 1:

If you’re depositing this money in (and not creating Invoice), deposit to this account. And when ready to recognize income, write a Journal Entry (credit Income/Revenue account and debit Prepaid Unearned Income account).

Record money received from Customer
JE to clear deposit from customer to income

Option 2:

If you’re creating an Invoice for this money in, you will need to add a new Product/Service item for this prepaid unearned income item. For the Income account field on the Product/Service information screen, you would select this Prepaid Unearned Income account. Create an Invoice using this item once to record prepaid deposit and create a 2nd Zero Invoice when ready to recognize Income (positive item) and clear Prepaid Unearned Income (negative item). 

* If you’re on Cash basis accounting method, consult with your Accountant.

Deposit Item
Create Invoice for deposit and Receive payment
Create zero invoice to clear deposit and recognize earned income
QuickBooks Online QBO

Can I print or download a report of deleted and voided Invoices in QuickBooks Online?

Currently, there is no such standard report in QuickBooks Online. However, you can run the Audit Log report for transactions and filter it to Show deleted/voided transactions and Using Accounts Receivable (A/R) as a source account for Invoices.

Unfortunately, you can print this report but not export it to Excel or PDF at this time.

Here’s how to run the Audit Log report for Deleted/Voided A/R Invoices:

  1. Go to the Gear icon on the top right corner, select Audit Log under Tools menu.
  2. Click Filter.
  3. Select Transactions. 
  4. Show field: select “Deleted/Voided Transactions”
  5. Using field: select “Accounts Receivable (A/R) Account as a source account
  6. Click Apply.

Note: Click “View” under the History column and select “Show all” for Invoice details.

Show Deleted/Voided Transactions; Using Accounts Receivable (A/R) Account
Audit Log Report for Deleted/Voided A/R Invoices