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Chart of Accounts
Displays your accounts. Balance sheet accounts track your assets and liabilities, and income and expense accounts categorize your transactions. From here, you can add or edit accounts.

Recurring Transactions (not available in Simple Start plan)
Displays a list of transactions that have been saved for reuse. From here, you can schedule transactions to occur either automatically or with reminders. You can also save unscheduled transactions to use at any time.

Products and Services
Displays the products and services you sell. From here, you can edit information about a product or service, such its description, or the rate you charge.

Locations (available in Plus plan only)
You can use locations to categorize your transactions by different parts of your company. See below for details.

Payment Methods
Displays Cash, Check, and any other ways you categorize payments you receive from customers. That way, you can print deposit slips when you deposit the payments you have received.

Displays the list of terms that determine the due dates for payments from customers, or payments to vendors. Terms can also specify discounts for early payment. From here, you can add or edit terms.

Classes (available in Plus plan only)
Displays the classes you can use to categorize your accounting transactions.

Displays the list of all attachments uploaded. From here you can add, edit, download, and export your attachments. You can also see all transactions linked to a particular attachment.

Custom Form Styles
Customize your sales form designs, set defaults, and manage multiple templates

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