Switch Company

How do I change into another one if I have more than one company I operate in new QuickBooks Online?

From the home page screen

  • Select the Company Gear (located at upper-corner)
  • Select “Switch Company” under Your Company heading
  • It will take you to login screen with the following messages:
    Company Selection
    Our records show that you have access to more than one company, or multiple users in the same company.
    QuickBooks Online Companies
    newqbo (example)
    oldqbo (example)
    futureqbo (example)
    Canceled Companies
    Oldco (example)
Switch Company
Switch Company

How to add multiple companies in QBO like QB desktop version?

Unlike QuickBooks desktop version (where you can create as many multiple company files as you want), QuickBooks Online plus is per one company file subscription. You can only have one business or company file in one paid subscription account. You can have multiple businesses with additional PAID subscriptions added under your same login name.
They give you some minimum discount for 2nd company file (20% discount), and for 3rd company and above (30% discount). Discount rate may vary from time to time.
There is no question this is the biggest disadvantage of having QuickBooks Online Plus service and paying $39.95 subscription fee per month forever. Oh, that is paying $2,397.00 to Intuit in five years.
They should offer at least 50% discount for 2nd company file subscription. That’s fair and reasonable pricing!!

How to add a new company in QuickBooks Online?

You can create a second company by going to the link below.

This link will take you to Intuit marketing page so you can select which version of QuickBooks Online to set up.

Once you select your version be sure to choose, “Already have an Intuit User ID” and sign in with your current information.

There is an additional subscription charge for each additional company you create. You’ll be advised of these charges before you complete the setup of the new subscription.

Note: You can upgrade your subscription level. But, you cannot downgrade your subscription level. You will need to cancel it.

How do I switch between two companies in new QuickBooks Online?

To switch between companies you can use the Company Gear icon at upper-corner and choose “Switch Company” under “Your Company” header. You will be able to switch between the companies.

If you need to have both companies open at the same time you may want to try using two different browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and sign in on each of the different browsers.