How do you print a deposit summary only without a deposit slip in new QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

“Print deposit summary only” feature is available now. See attached screenshot photo for reference From the home page screen Select Create (+) sign (upper-middle screen) Select “Bank Deposit” tab under “Other” heading Blank “Deposit” form will open. To locate recent deposits, select “small clock” icon, upper-left-corner. Click “More’ if you expand this list or deposit looking […]

How to record overpayment on Invoice by customer in new QuickBooks?

From the home page screen Select Create (+) sign Select “Receive Payment” under Customers heading Select “Amount Received” and enter payment amount Select Outstanding Transactions and check applicable Invoice payment If it’s over-payment, it will leave credit balance on customer’s A/R account.

Is there a way to export from the banking transaction tab the list of new transactions not yet added or matched?

This feature is not available at this time.

How do I see if a customer/client has paid their invoice by credit card in new QuickBooks Online?

How do I see if a customer/client has paid their invoice by credit card in new QuickBooks Online? Assuming you have opened merchant services with Intuit QuickBooks payment account, to check and verify the customers credit card payments you’ve received You can visit Go to Activity Select Reports Select Deposits

How to request add new bank in banking feed in new QuickBooks Online?

From the Home page screen Click Transactions  (on the left side of blue navigation bar) Click Banking Click Add Account  (in the upper right corner) Enter your bank’s name, then click Find Click the blue link for Request that we add your bank (in the middle of the page) Enter either the bank name or the URL of your bank’s website, then click Add My Bank […]

I would like to stop importing data from a bank account. How do you disconnect a bank account (or a credit card account) added into online banking?

In new QuickBooks Online, disconnecting an account isn’t exactly in an obvious spot. To disconnect an account from online banking, we’re going to want to start in the upper right by clicking the little company gear, and then choose Chart of Accounts under settings. We’re going to click the connected account (you can tell it’s […]

How to undo a bank reconciliation without clicking of all the Rs manually in the registers in new QuickBooks Online?

There is no easy answer. Removing the Rs from the register can turn into a long, tedious process. Unfortunately, QuickBooks Online doesn’t currently have a way written into the program to undo a reconcile all at once. If you feel the reconcile must be undo, then we do require that reconciles be undone transaction by […]

How to import transactions from Square in new QBO?

Go the home page screen From blue navigation bar on the left select Transactions Select Sales Select Import Transactions (top upper corner) Select Square (from drop down) Follow the instructions

How can I turn off the automatic download feature for bank and credit card accounts?

I want to download bank and credit card transactions manually from time to time. How Can I turn off the automatic download feature? This is actually something QuickBooks Online does in the background. There is no preference for it. You can disconnect the download then reconnect it later. From the Blue Navigation Bar on the […]