How do I permanently delete “Excluded” transactions in bank feeds?

  You can permanently delete bank downloaded transactions in QuickBooks Online (QBO). In order to permanently delete a bank downloaded transaction (or multiple transactions) from the banking center, you will first need to move it from “For Review” tab to “Excluded” tab. To move from “For Review” tab to “Excluded” tab: From the home page […]

How do I match transactions when bank feed deposits (from Stripe) are net and not gross

This is what you need to do! First, when you create sales receipt or invoice > choose deposit to “Undeposited Funds” account, not bank account. (I am giving lengthy steps, but it moves real fast) Let us start from your banking center. Find the deposit amount you want to match. Highlight and click once. Transaction […]

Import credit card transactions from Excel CSV (.csv) file into QuickBooks Online

I highly encourage you to watch the entire video. You do not want to miss a step. Please click here for more information on this topic.

How to import credit card transactions from Excel CSV (.csv) file into QuickBooks Online?

The short video (below) will show you step-by-step instructions on how to import credit card transactions from Excel CSV file into QBO so that you will not import transactions the wrong way. Confusion has to do with bank account field and Quickbooks field screen. It is the same field name for bank download as well […]

To transfer fund between accounts within QuickBooks

From the home page screen Click Create (+) Sign Under “Other” select Transfer Here you can record the transfer, just click Save and Close when you’re done. In this example (see screenshot photo for reference), it’s transferring $1,000.00 from Checking Account to Savings Account. Transfer Funds From = Money coming out from that account Transfer […]

QuickBooks Online Bank Feed: How to import/export bank rules

Bank rules are great for controlling how incoming bank transactions are categorized before you accept them into QuickBooks. Rules save time and minimize typing mistakes! This article explains how to import and export rules, which is convenient if you manage multiple companies (like accountants often do). SOURCE:

QuickBooks Online: How to import bank transactions from Excel .csv file into QuickBooks Online?

Now, you can import bank transactions if your bank provides .csv (comma-separated values) file type. This is new improvement they have just made. You will take the following steps to import bank CSV file: From the home page screen > go to blue navigation bar on the left > select Transactions > select Banking under […]

Where is the splits button in order for split transactions in the bank register screen?

There is no splits button in the bank register. So, you cannot enter split transactions in the bank register with QB Online like you can in QB Desktop. However, what you could do is enter the transaction in the bank register using one account. Select “Edit” button, add a transaction screen form will open, then […]

Bank feed NEW manage rules in QuickBooks Online

From the home page screen > blue navigation bar on the left > transactions > banking > update > manage rules On the Banking page, you can set up rules to tell QuickBooks what to do with bank items that meet particular conditions. Rules help you control, customize, and automate how you use the Banking […]