How do you print a deposit summary only without a deposit slip in new QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

The “Print deposit summary only” feature is available now. See attached screenshot photo for reference

From the home page screen

  • Select Create (+) sign (upper-middle screen)
  • Select the “Bank Deposit” tab under the “Other” heading
  • A Blank “Deposit” form will open. To locate recent deposits, select the “small clock” icon, upper-left-corner. Click “More’ if you expand this list or deposit looking for is not on this list. You can even “Search” function if needed.
  • Once the “Deposit” form is open, look at the bottom for the “Print” button.
  • Click that and one option is to “Print Deposit Summary Only” button
  • Select “Print Deposit Summary Only”
  • The print or Preview screen will open
  • Hoover around your mouse on the bottom-right section of the screen to locate the print button.
  • You can choose “Print using system dialog…” print or save as PDF
Print Deposit Summary Only
Print Deposit Summary Only

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