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How do I match a batch deposit for payment of an invoice and vendor refund deposit?

Example: My total deposit amount is $1,300, $1,200 for payment for the outstanding invoice and $100 for Insurance refund.

  • From the Banking Review tab, find the Deposit transaction you want to match with customer payment plus insurance refund.
  • Click the Deposit transaction row in question.
    Click the “Find match” radio button.
  • Match transactions screen will open. See the screenshot below for reference.
  • Select the transaction to match for Invoice payment.
  • Click the RESOLVE button.
  • Under Add resolving transactions section, add an insurance refund deposit. The total deposit should match now.
  • Save.

Find match resolve transaction

Banking QuickBooks Online QBO

Learn how to email your expense receipts to QuickBooks Online

If you have a receipt, you can email it to QuickBooks. They will extract info from it and create a transaction for you to review. You will see them in the Banking > Receipts tab. Then you can edit the receipt, add it to an account, or match it to an existing transaction. You’ll also have the receipt on file for tax time.

It involves the following three steps:

Step 1: Register your email address

  • Go the Banking menu from the left dashboard, then select the Receipts tab.
  • Select Register your email to get started. You should see “Send receipts to,” it means you’ve already registered your email address).

Step 2: Email or forward receipts to

  • Attach receipts or send them in the body of an email. For example, you could take photos of paper receipts and send those, or forward an email that is a receipt itself (such as from an online purchase, Uber or Lyft ride, etc.). If you send a file it should be a pdf, jpeg, jpg, gif, or png.
  • Send your receipts to Processing might take a few minutes. If something didn’t quite work, you’ll get an email that lets you know.
  • Once it’s in the QBO system, QuickBooks automatically tries to pull out the vendor, date, total, and last four digits of the credit card number. You’ll see the receipt under For Review in the Receipts tab.

The next step is to review the receipt detail screen and categorize expenses. And Save.

Now you can create an expense transaction (click “Create expense under Action column) and then will post to the bank or credit card register.

Once you Create Expense from the “From review” section, it will show up on the “Reviewed” section of the Receipts tab.

Clicking “Undo add” under Action column, move back the expense to the For Review section again.

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How do I edit an expense that the online bank classified as a transfer

It’s easy to edit when this occasionally happens. Just click the transaction row in the Banking For Review. Switch radio button from ‘Record Transfer’ to ‘Add’ and record expense.

Change from Record transfer to Add expense

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Quickbooks Online – how do I delete items from Banking For Review

From the Banking “For Review” tab, click the checkboxes to the left of the date for the transactions you want to exclude.

Once you’re done, click the Batch Actions drop-down arrow and select Exclude Selected.
The transactions moved to the “Excluded” tab from the “For Review” tab.

To delete permanently:

From the “Excluded” tab > Select transactions to delete > Batch Actions > Delete.


How to delete downloaded items from Banking For Review tab

Left dashboard > Banking > For Review tab
Bank Register Banking Reconcile Reports

How do I view or print previous bank reconciliation reports in QuickBooks Online QBO

To view or print the previous bank reconciliation report:

1. From the left Dashboard, select Reports.
2. Go to “For my accountant” section and select Reconciliation Reports.
3. Select Account. Select Report period.
4. Select “Statement Ending Date”.
5. Click “View Report” under Action column.
6. Click Print icon to print the report.

How to undo bank reconciliation in QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) version?

Banking Inventory

How To Add Purchased Inventory Items From Banking “For Review” Tab

How to add purchased inventory items from Banking tab? I like to enter SKUs, Qtys of each item in one entry.

Assuming you have QuickBooks Plus Plan, you will first need to ensure that in company settings you turn on the Items table and Purchase orders.
(Gear icon at the top > Your Company > Account and Settings > Expenses > Bills and expenses and Purchase Orders (if needed) > ON).



First, you will have to manually create a transaction in QBO. You enter an Expense, Check or Bill form (create + sign > Vendors), about halfway down the left side is a title “Item Details” tab, NOT Account details tab. Click that and a table opens where you can select the product/service item code, SKU, Qty, Rate, and Item-Total cost for purchasing inventory.



Second, you then go back to the Banking tab. You should see MATCH green button for that transaction. Click Match and it will move to QuickBooks register.



Banking Chart of Accounts

QuickBooks Online – Connect bank accounts through your Chart of Accounts COA

You can now connect an existing bank account from your Chart of Accounts.

  • Select Accounting from the left dashboard, then Chart of Accounts.
  • Find the account you need to connect and in the Action column, select the
  • View register (or Account history) drop-down and choose “Connect bank”.
  • Follow the prompt and complete the process for connecting your bank account.
  • After connecting the account, your transactions will automatically download nightly (around 10 pm Pacific time).
  • You can also prompt a download whenever you want by going to the Banking page and selecting “Update” button at the top right corner.

Note: At this time, this option is NOT available for credit card accounts.

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QuickBooks Online – Connect a bank account problems

I hear issues with bank connect all the time. Each bank is different. It may even take time to resolve these issues. But in the mean time, I like to offer few suggestions:

1) To manually UPDATE your bank account:

a) Select Banking from the left dashboard menu.
b) ​Select Update in the upper right. QuickBooks Online will update all your connected bank and credit card accounts. If you only want to update some of them, select to clear the unwanted accounts.
c) Select Update Now.
d) If prompted, enter your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) credentials (must be done within 2 minutes of box appearing) and then select Continue Update.
Note: Multi-Factor Authentication is any security precaution beyond just a username and password.

You can keep working in QuickBooks Online while the accounts update, which might take a few moments. QuickBooks Online displays a notification when the updates are complete. REPEAT THE SAME PROCESS AGAIN (wait few minutes).

2) To connect a bank again with URL of your bank instead:

a) Select Banking from the left dashboard menu.
b) ​Select Bank you want to connect again
c) Click the pencil icon and choose “Edit sign-in info” link. Will take you to “Connect an account” page
d) Instead of selecting the popular bank name or logo from QuickBooks (connect an account), enter URL of your bank in the search box. (This is the bank URL address you login-in to review your bank account.)
The reason is bank may have changed the login URL address and QuickBooks is not up-to-date yet.
e) Once bank connected securely, it takes a few minutes to download your transactions.

IF this doesn’t work. You can call QuickBooks Customer Care Team* (see below for more info), doubtful they can help you more right away but they will know, it’s having an issue with your bank connecting QuickBooks.

3) Upload or Import bank transactions:

Refer to this article:

Basically, DOWNLOAD transactions from your bank’s website and UPLOAD the file to the QBO company.

*QuickBooks Customer Care Team
How and when can I contact Support? (US only)

Bank Deposit Banking Deposit Pay Bills Vendor Credit

How to handle refund on a debit card from a vendor to the project

How to handle refund on a debit card from a vendor? It’s downloaded as a bank deposit in bank feed. How can I assign that credit to the project?

It involves few steps process to handle vendor refund on a debit card to the project in QBO.

1) Create Vendor Credit (Plus sign at the top right > Vendors > Vendor Credit)
a. Select Vendor payee
b. Select same expense account used to enter original transaction
c. Enter amount
d. Select Customer/Project
e. Save


2) Go to Banking (Left Dashboard > Banking)
a. Under “For Review” tab, locate refund deposit on a debit card from a vendor
b. Click the transaction row
c. Switch radio button from “Add” to “Find Match”
d. Under “Resolve difference” drop-down arrow, select “Add new transactions”
e. Under add transactions tab, enter vendor refund credit
Payee = Vendor payee (gave you refund)
Category = Accounts Payable (A/P) account
Amount = Refund amount
f. Save


NOTE: If QuickBooks is not connected with the bank account (Plus sign at the top right > Others > Bank deposit). It will take to the same deposit screen.
3) Go to Pay Bills to clear both credit and deposit from vendor’s A/P account (Plus sign at the top right > Vendors > Pay Bills)
a. Select Vendor line check box to clear the account. It should be zero amount
b. Save

That should do it.
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