QuickBooks Online – Connect a bank account problems

I hear issues with bank connect all the time. Each bank is different. It may even take time to resolve these issues. But in the mean time, I like to offer few suggestions:

1) To manually UPDATE your bank account:

a) Select Banking from the left dashboard menu.
b) ​Select Update in the upper right. QuickBooks Online will update all your connected bank and credit card accounts. If you only want to update some of them, select to clear the unwanted accounts.
c) Select Update Now.
d) If prompted, enter your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) credentials (must be done within 2 minutes of box appearing) and then select Continue Update.
Note: Multi-Factor Authentication is any security precaution beyond just a username and password.

You can keep working in QuickBooks Online while the accounts update, which might take a few moments. QuickBooks Online displays a notification when the updates are complete. REPEAT THE SAME PROCESS AGAIN (wait few minutes).

2) To connect a bank again with URL of your bank instead:

a) Select Banking from the left dashboard menu.
b) ​Select Bank you want to connect again
c) Click the pencil icon and choose “Edit sign-in info” link. Will take you to “Connect an account” page
d) Instead of selecting the popular bank name or logo from QuickBooks (connect an account), enter URL of your bank in the search box. (This is the bank URL address you login-in to review your bank account.)
The reason is bank may have changed the login URL address and QuickBooks is not up-to-date yet.
e) Once bank connected securely, it takes a few minutes to download your transactions.

IF this doesn’t work. You can call QuickBooks Customer Care Team* (see below for more info), doubtful they can help you more right away but they will know, it’s having an issue with your bank connecting QuickBooks.

3) Upload or Import bank transactions:

Refer to this article:

Basically, DOWNLOAD transactions from your bank’s website and UPLOAD the file to the QBO company.

*QuickBooks Customer Care Team
How and when can I contact Support? (US only)