How to handle refund on a debit card from a vendor to the project

How to handle refund on a debit card from a vendor? It’s downloaded as a bank deposit in bank feed. How can I assign that credit to the project? It involves few steps process to handle vendor refund on a debit card to the project in QBO. 1) Create Vendor Credit (Plus sign at the […]

How does one print a memo line on a check

When you enter a check (create + sign > check), there is a memo section on the bottom left the side of the check (see attachment below). If you have text entered in that memo area, it will print on a check. However if you enter a bill (create + sign > bill), even if […]

#QuickBooks – How do I enter and print reference information on voucher checks?

In QuickBooks Online, there is no feature setup to print reference number (or vendor bill number) on voucher checks. Reference number comes directly from entered bill number field.   Here is a sample of Voucher Check printout: Click on the screenshot below to enlarge it Reference column = entered vendor invoice number on “bill no.” […]

How does one record use of multiple payment sources for a single expense?

I made a large purchase that had to be paid with multiple payment sources. I can find lots of information for splitting a single payment into multiple expenses, but how does one go about recording the opposite case? For example, a $10,000 expense that was paid $6,000 from a checking account and $4,000 on a […]