How To Manually Enter Business Credit Card Transactions In Register

How To Manually Enter Business Credit Card Transactions In Register

Can Import transactions from Mint into Quickbooks Online

Currently, there’s no process of importing transactions from directly to QuickBooks Online (QBO), nor can it export information from QBO to Mint. If its all bank transactions, then you may be able to export from Mint as a CSV (comma-separated values) file. But it’s the same thing as importing directly from your bank account.

When you first connect your account, QuickBooks typically downloads up to the last 90 days of transactions.

You can import the bank feed prior to 90 days (or for missing transactions) using the following two methods:

1) Web Connect (QBO format):

(Some banks offer to download QBO format. You will need to check with your bank).

2) Excel (CSV format):

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Reconcile an account screen to include service charge and interest earned fields in QBO

Reconcile an account screen to include service charge and interest earned fields in QBO

If your bank accounts are not connected, you will see service charge and interest earned fields.
If you bank accounts are connected, you will not see these two fields. The assumption here is these transactions are also automatically downloaded from the bank.





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New QuickBooks Online (QBO) Downgrade Option – From Plus Plan To Essentials Simple Start

There is a new way to downgrade your plan.

1) First, you want to access your account, make sure to log in to like normal >
2) Copy and paste this link (once you’re already logged in) >

3) It shows you choices to downgrade. Pick new “Choose plan” button. Make sure to review what features will be disabled.

4) Confirm it, and log back in.

Alternatively, you can also call support at 1-888-333-3451. Currently, the downgraded plan is available for the US customers only.

For more video tutorial, check out this short video.

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How to change transaction numbers like invoice number sequence

Transaction reference numbers help you easily identify transactions. QBO will automatically assign transaction numbers in sequence. But if you want to change the starting custom transaction number of your own, you can do so. You would want to turn the company settings ON once, assign a custom number and turn it OFF again so that QBO can identify number sequence based on the last transaction number.

A separate number sequence appears on:

  • Invoices, sales receipts, refund receipts, and credit memos
  • Delayed charges and Delayed credits
  • Estimates
  • Purchase orders

For Statements, QBO will automatically control the numbers that reference identify so you can’t change it.

QBO lets you customize your transaction numbers.

How do custom transaction numbers work?
When you turn ON custom transaction numbers:

  • You can change transaction numbers when you create or modify a transaction.
  • Transaction numbers can include letters (such as 2017-1001).
  • New transactions get new numbers (such as 2017-1002), based on the last transaction. You’ll be warned if you try to enter a duplicate transaction number.

When you turn OFF custom transaction numbers:

  • Transaction numbers are never changeable, even numbers created with custom transaction numbers on.
  • Transaction numbers are assigned when transactions are created.
  • Transaction numbers are sequential, based on the last number, starting at 1.

To turn custom transaction numbers ON or OFF from the company settings:

Click the Gear icon at the upper right corner > Your Company > Account and Settings).


For customer transaction numbers on sales forms:

Click “Sales” on the left, and then click the edit icon for “Sales form content”. Select the “Custom transaction numbers” checkbox, and click Save.


For custom numbers on purchase orders:

Click Expenses on the left, and then click the edit icon for Purchase orders. Click the “Use purchase orders” checkbox. Select the “Custom transaction numbers” checkbox, and click Save.


To reset your transaction numbers again:

  • Select the Custom transaction numbers checkbox, and click Save
  • Create a transaction with a new starting number.
  • Clear the Custom transaction numbers checkbox, and click Save.



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How do i find the date the invoice was sent to Customer/Client in new QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

From the home page screen

  • Select the blue navigation bar on the left
  • Select Customers/Clients Center
  • Select Customer/Client
  • Filter to show “Open Invoices”
  • Click the Invoice Sent link under Status column

Another way is to add “Last Delivered” columns under Transactions list. Select small gear icon (middle-right corner, just under Create new blue button)
See screenshot photos for reference.

Transactions Status Activities
Transactions Status Activities

Transactions Last Delivered Status
Transactions Last Delivered Status