Import Data Invoice QuickBooks Online QBO

How to import INVOICES from Excel in QuickBooks Online QBO

Importing Invoices from Excel
Import Map Fields

UPDATE: This import invoices from the Excel CSV feature is available on all QBO plans now. Steps: Gear – Tools – Import Data – Invoices.

Deposit Invoice QuickBooks Online QBO

How to record Prepaid Unearned Income? How to convert this Prepaid Unearned Income to Revenue Income when it becomes Earned Income?

As a general accounting method (especially if you’re an Accrual basis)*, you would record Prepaid Unearned Income from Customer to a Current Liability account. See the screenshot below for how to create this account in your Chart of accounts.

Prepaid Unearned Income

You’ve two ways of handling this, select one which works best for your business.

Option 1:

If you’re depositing this money in (and not creating Invoice), deposit to this account. And when ready to recognize income, write a Journal Entry (credit Income/Revenue account and debit Prepaid Unearned Income account).

Record money received from Customer
JE to clear deposit from customer to income

Option 2:

If you’re creating an Invoice for this money in, you will need to add a new Product/Service item for this prepaid unearned income item. For the Income account field on the Product/Service information screen, you would select this Prepaid Unearned Income account. Create an Invoice using this item once to record prepaid deposit and create a 2nd Zero Invoice when ready to recognize Income (positive item) and clear Prepaid Unearned Income (negative item). 

* If you’re on Cash basis accounting method, consult with your Accountant.

Deposit Item
Create Invoice for deposit and Receive payment
Create zero invoice to clear deposit and recognize earned income
Customers Invoice Products & Services Purchase Order QuickBooks Online QBO Vendor Vendors

How to create an Invoice to your Customer for Products Services Items provided by the Vendor

Make products service items provided by vendor billable to customer
Chart of Accounts COGS Company Gear Company Settings Cost of Sales Expense Expenses Invoice QuickBooks Online QBO

Track billable expenses and items as income in a single account or in multiple accounts

Adds a “Use for billable expenses” checkbox to an account’s edit screen in the Chart of Accounts.

Import Data Invoice QuickBooks Online QBO

Import Invoices from Excel CSV file to QuickBooks Online Advanced

Importing Invoices from Excel CSV File into Advanced QBO
Invoice QBO Update QuickBooks Online QBO

Create and send multiple invoices feature in QuickBooks Online Advanced plan

QuickBooks Online Advanced lets you create and send multiple invoices at the same time. You can create and send the same invoice to multiple customers. You can also work on multiple invoices at once in a single window adding the various new line items for products and services. Once it’s done, you can send all your invoices with one click.

To Create Multiple Invoices:

From the Create (+) button, select Multiple Invoices.

Multiple Invoices

It will open the Multiple Invoices screen starting with row #1. Select Customer first and enter other sales fields as you would normally do when creating an invoice.

Select the Add (+) button on the left to create a new blank invoice. Each invoice you add will be its own numbered row.

Duplicate Invoice for multiple Customers

From the Menu button (three vertical dots), select Duplicate invoice for multiple customers. For example, you provided the same service to multiple customers and you need to send say $1,000 invoice to all those customers. It will open “Find a customer” screen. Select customer one at a time from the Customers list.

Duplicate Invoice

From the Menu button (three vertical dots), select Duplicate invoice. It will just duplicate the same invoice you have created from that row. You can change Customer after that if that’s what you want to do.

New Line Item

From the Menu button (three vertical dots), select New line item. This will add more line items below an invoice. Select, product/service code. And enter other sales fields.
“+” means adding more line item. “-” means deleting that line item.

Delete Invoice

If you need to delete an invoice, go to the Menu button (three vertical dots) for that invoice row #. Then select Delete invoice.

Add SKU field on Multiple invoices form

Click the Gear icon at the upper right corner on the open form and select SKU box to add SKU column on the Invoice.

Finish and send your invoices
When you’re finished adding and editing invoices, select Save invoices blue botton at the bottom right corner.

Complete invoices disappear from the window and are on their way to your customers. Invoices that need more info, stay in the window and show you where you need to enter more info.

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Customers Expense Expenses Invoice QuickBooks Online QBO Vendor Vendors

How to add Billable Expenses to an existing already created Invoice

Open an existing invoice. Look for an arrow pointing left at the top right corner (right to BALANCE DUE). Click that arrow You will find the Billable Expense sitting there and click Add. You will notice line item from the existing invoice and added a billable expense line item. Delete line item from an existing invoice. Now, you have linked billable expenses to an invoice and the total invoice amount remain the same.

Link Billable expenses to an existing invoice
Customers Invoice Journal Entry QuickBooks Online QBO

How to Reverse an Accounts Receivable Written-off as Bad Debts Expense Account


  1. A customer never paid the Invoice for $1,000. Wrote-off as bad debt expense account.
  2. Later paid $1,000.

You will first need to check to the original entry to see how the debt was written off to the bad debts expense account. For example, wrote a journal to wrote off a debt of $1,000 by debiting the bad debts expense account and crediting account receivable account.

To make this simple, you will need to reverse what you did. This will typically be a two-step process in order to record the recovery of bad debt payment.

  1. Reverse the original entry (Journal Entry) by crediting the bad debts expense account and debiting accounts receivable account with $1,000.
  2. Record the customer’s receipt by debiting the bank account and crediting accounts receivable account. In this example, debit the bank account and credit accounts receivable account with $1,000.
How to Reverse an Accounts Receivable Written-off as Bad Debts Expense Account
Invoice QuickBooks Online QBO Receive Payment Receiving Payment

How to customize the message on the Payment Receipt Email template and automatically notify your customers when you receive their payment?

You can use “Routines for QuickBooks” at the QB Labs. This will allow you to customize the Payment Receipt Email template. And also automatically notify your customers when you receive their payment. With this feature, there is no need to use manual “Save and send” to notify payment receipt to your customers.

To turn on Routines for QuickBooks at the QB Labs:
Gear > Your Company > QuickBooks Labs.
To set up Manage Routines to Notify your customers when you receive their payment.:
Gear > Tools > Manage Routines > Select Notify your customers when you receive their payment > Click Try It Out

Merge fields auto-populate the text with data that you’ve selected when you enter (# hashtag ) in the text field.

Attachments Customers Invoice QuickBooks Online QBO

How to delete an Attachment to an Invoice