Create and send multiple invoices feature in QuickBooks Online Advanced plan

QuickBooks Online Advanced lets you create and send multiple invoices at the same time. You can create and send the same invoice to multiple customers. You can also work on multiple invoices at once in a single window adding the various new line items for products and services. Once it’s done, you can send all […]

How to add Billable Expenses to an existing already created Invoice

Open an existing invoice. Look for an arrow pointing left at the top right corner (right to BALANCE DUE). Click that arrow You will find the Billable Expense sitting there and click Add. You will notice line item from the existing invoice and added a billable expense line item. Delete line item from an existing […]

How to Reverse an Accounts Receivable Written-off as Bad Debts Expense Account

CASE SCENARIO: A customer never paid the Invoice for $1,000. Wrote-off as bad debt expense account. Later paid $1,000. You will first need to check to the original entry to see how the debt was written off to the bad debts expense account. For example, wrote a journal to wrote off a debt of $1,000 […]

How to customize the message on the Payment Receipt Email template and automatically notify your customers when you receive their payment?

You can use “Routines for QuickBooks” at the QB Labs. This will allow you to customize the Payment Receipt Email template. And also automatically notify your customers when you receive their payment. With this feature, there is no need to use manual “Save and send” to notify payment receipt to your customers. To turn on […]

How to add Shipping Fields to QBO Sales Forms – Invoice and Sales Receipt

To turn the shipping fields on – Gear at the top right corner | Your Company | Account Settings | Sales | Sales Form Content | Shipping | On | Save Adds shipping fields (date, tracking number, destination, subtotal) to sales forms (Invoice, Sales Receipt). Related setting: Advanced | Chart of accounts | Shipping account […]