How to add Shipping Fields to QBO Sales Forms – Invoice and Sales Receipt

To turn the shipping fields on – Gear at the top right corner | Your Company | Account Settings | Sales | Sales Form Content | Shipping | On | Save Adds shipping fields (date, tracking number, destination, subtotal) to sales forms (Invoice, Sales Receipt). Related setting: Advanced | Chart of accounts | Shipping account […]

How to create a Sales Receipt with Sales Income and Expenses – need to set up in QBO

Example: I like to create a Sales receipt with the following distribution of Sales Income and Expense categories: Sales Income – $5,000Commission Fees – ($1,000)Merchant Fees – ($150)UPS Shipping Charges – ($550)Office Supplies – ($300) Deposit to bank account = $3,000($5000-1,000-150-550-300 = $3,000) You will need to create a Sales Receipt using the product/service items […]

Record a tip or gratuity on Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Online

You can record tips (gratuities) directly to Sales Receipt form. To enable Tips in QBO: From the homepage dashboard, click Gear icon at the top. Select Account and Settings under Your Company. Select Sales. Choose “Tips (Gratuity)” under Sales form content. “Who’s receiving these tips?” a screen will open. Select the correct account (income or […]

How do I run a weekly report of Sales Receipts from customers/clients

Most of the reports in QBO, you can’t customize the way you want it. Just wish, they’ve simple weekly sales reports filter by sales transaction type like Sales Receipt but they don’t. The ideal report in QBO would be SALES BY CUSTOMER SUMMARY group by week. But this report you can’t filter it by Transaction […]

How to record sales tax refund check from Tax Agency in QuickBooks Online

I’ve not seen a single article from QuickBooks Help related to this subject on how to record Sales Tax refund check in QuickBooks Online. Most of the answers found don’t work or whoever answered the questions does not fully understand how Sales Tax Center is so limited to making any credit/refund adjustments. It’s not clear […]

How to change transaction numbers like invoice number sequence

Transaction reference numbers help you easily identify transactions. QBO will automatically assign transaction numbers in sequence. But if you want to change the starting custom transaction number of your own, you can do so. You would want to turn the company settings ON once, assign a custom number and turn it OFF again so that […]

How to disable the request for customer email in sales receipts?

Question: How can I disable the request for customer email in sales receipts. I don’t want to send or enter the customers email. I want to save Sales Receipts. And the transaction can’t save until I enter an email. Answer: On the Save and Send button, click the drop down arrow and use either Save […]