How to create a Sales Receipt with Sales Income and Expenses – need to set up in QBO

Example: I like to create a Sales receipt with the following distribution of Sales Income and Expense categories: Sales Income – $5,000Commission Fees – ($1,000)Merchant Fees – ($150)UPS Shipping Charges – ($550)Office Supplies – ($300) Deposit to bank account = $3,000($5000-1,000-150-550-300 = $3,000) You will need to create a Sales Receipt using the product/service items […]

Record a tip or gratuity on Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Online

You can record tips (gratuities) directly to Sales Receipt form. To enable Tips in QBO: From the homepage dashboard, click Gear icon at the top. Select Account and Settings under Your Company. Select Sales. Choose “Tips (Gratuity)” under Sales form content. “Who’s receiving these tips?” a screen will open. Select the correct account (income or […]

When you send an invoice to a customer and also carbon copy (cc) it to someone, will it show viewed if either person looks at the invoice or just the primary recipient

It will show as viewed whoever viewed it (primary or cc). If it’s viewed by both it will show as viewed twice. Viewed Status Icon: If you open sales transactions (left navigation bar > transactions > sales) under status column, it will show many have opened the invoice and viewed it. It will show one […]

How to handle a partial payment when creating an invoice in QBO?

Case: A customer bought $105.00 worth of product and paid $80.00 in cash. You need to send an invoice to the customer for the balance. How would you handle this in QBO? First, create a new invoice using product/service item code for $105.00. Use deposit field to post $80.00 as the prepayment on that invoice. […]

How to change messages greeting appear on customer invoices in new QuickBooks Online?

You can remove or make changes to messages greeting that appear on Customer Invoices in new QuickBooks Online. You will need to change company settings. From the home page screen Select the Company “Gear” (upper-right-corner) Select “Sales” Select “Messages” Select Default email message sent with sales forms. Uncheck “Use greeting” or make appropriate changes. It […]

How to record overpayment on Invoice by customer in new QuickBooks?

From the home page screen Select Create (+) sign Select “Receive Payment” under Customers heading Select “Amount Received” and enter payment amount Select Outstanding Transactions and check applicable Invoice payment If it’s over-payment, it will leave credit balance on customer’s A/R account.