Is there any way to select all in undeposited funds instead of clicking on them one by one?

At this time, there is no way to select all from “Receive Payment” screen deposit to Undeposited Funds account. But I see huge advantage of having “Select All” button and “Clear All” button like currently available in “Bank Deposit” form. To add this new feature request, add your voice here:

We got bunch of unpaid invoices. When post one payment for several invoices, system automatically posting to wrong invoices and I have to go back and uncheck them all

You will need to turn off “Automatically apply bill payments” feature in new QuickBooks. To do this task: From the homepage screen, Select the Company “Gear” (upper-right-corner) Select Company Settings under Settings heading Select “Advanced” under Settings Select “Automation” under Advanced heading Select and turn off “Automatically apply bill payments” feature. See attached screenshot photo […]

How to print a deposit slip and deposit summary in new QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

In order to print, from the homepage screen Select create (+) sign Select “Bank Deposit” “under “Other” heading Go to small clock icon on top left corner and select “Recent Deposits” slip and summary you want to print Select Print at the bottom middle Select “Print Deposit Slip and Summary” or “Print Deposit Summary Only” […]