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How do you print a deposit summary only without a deposit slip in new QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

“Print deposit summary only” feature is available now. See attached screenshot photo for reference

From the home page screen

  • Select Create (+) sign (upper-middle screen)
  • Select “Bank Deposit” tab under “Other” heading
  • Blank “Deposit” form will open. To locate recent deposits, select “small clock” icon, upper-left-corner. Click “More’ if you expand this list or deposit looking for is not on this list. You can even “Search” function if needed.
  • Once the “Deposit” form is open, look at the bottom for the “Print” button.
  • Click that and one option is to “Print Deposit Summary Only” button
  • Select “Print Deposit Summary Only”
  • Print or Preview screen will open
  • Hoover around your mouse on the bottom-right section of the screen to locate print button.
  • You can choose “Print using system dialog…” print or save as PDF
Print Deposit Summary Only
Print Deposit Summary Only
Bank Deposit undeposited funds

How to print a deposit slip and deposit summary in new QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

In order to print, from the homepage screen

  • Select create (+) sign
  • Select “Bank Deposit” “under “Other” heading
  • Go to small clock icon on top left corner and select “Recent Deposits” slip and summary you want to print
  • Select Print at the bottom middle
  • Select “Print Deposit Slip and Summary” or “Print Deposit Summary Only”
  • Select “Setup and Alignment” feature in order to test

Note: In order to print “Printable Deposit Slips”, you will need to purchase special printed form from Intuit, which is not cheap. Print alignment feature is not available (or do not work) at this time.

Print deposit slip
Print deposit slip

New QuickBooks Online (QBO) – Print Checks help video