How to refund to customer remaining balance of a credit memo in the form of a check to customer?

In order to refund customer by check, from the home page screen, go to plus (+) sign Select “Check” under Vendors heading Payee = Customer’s Name from the list (that you are writing check payable to) ACCOUNT = Accounts Receivable (A/R) AMOUNT = Refund check amount SAVE Go back Customer center (blue navigation bar on […]

How to make quantity on hand inventory adjustment and how would that affect P&L in new QuickBooks Online?

How to make quantity on hand inventory adjustment in new QBO? From the homepage screen, go the Company Gear Select Products and Services under Lists heading Locate and double click on the product need adjustment Click Update button Enter NEW quantity on hand Tab It will automatically show the difference (plus or minus) That’s it! […]

How many reports are currently available in new QuickBooks Online? How to check reports?

From the home page screen Go to blue navigation bar on the left Select Reports Select “Go to report” (spyglass) These are standard reports currently available in new QuickBooks Online Plus? A/P AGING DETAIL A/P AGING SUMMARY A/R AGING DETAIL A/R AGING SUMMARY ACCOUNT LISTING Audit Log BALANCE SHEET BALANCE SHEET SUMMARY BILL PAYMENT LIST […]

Can you run Profit and Loss per Customer Invoice in new QuickBooks Online?

t would be really nice if you can get PnL by invoice or Pnl by product item. At this time, new QuickBooks Online Plus can not provide with such financial report. No such reports are available even though certain cost exist data may already in the QBO file. If you are selling inventory items and […]

Does QBO Plus have memorized transaction groups?

Does QBO Plus have memorized transaction groups? I would like to organize my memorized transactions using a Group like I did in the desktop version. That would be really nice feature to have it in QBO. Unfortunately, QBO does not have that feature yet.

How to import Chart of Accounts in new QuickBooks Online?

Here are the steps needed to import the Chart of Accounts: From the gear icon go to Import Data and choose Chart of Accounts. Read the checklist before importing and make sure your file fits the requirements for import (must be a .csv or Excel file format and must have Account Type and Name fields). I recommend downloading this sample […]

How to import transactions from Square in new QBO?

Go the home page screen From blue navigation bar on the left select Transactions Select Sales Select Import Transactions (top upper corner) Select Square (from drop down) Follow the instructions

How to change an existing user, set up as an accountant, to a regular user in new QuickBooks Online?

To delete the existing Accountant user: From the Company Gear icon (top upper corner) go to “Manage Users” under Your Company heading Highlight the Accountant user under Accounting Firms and click Delete Once deleted, click New and add the person one more time

How to enter credit card charges and make payment to credit card company in new QuickBooks Online?

If Credit Card account is not already set-up, you will need to create a new credit card account added to your Chart of Accounts. From the homepage screen, choose the Company Gear (located top upper right corner) Select Chart of Accounts under Settings Click “New” button Category Type = Credit Card Detail Type = Credit […]