How do I stop any recurring invoices in QBO?

To stop a recurring transaction from recurring, you will either need to delete the recurring transaction, or edit the schedule so that it will not be regenerated.

Here’s how to do it:

  • First, click the gear in the upper right of your Home screen.
  • Choose Recurring Transactions from the menu.
  • Click the recurring transaction to select it.
  • If you’d like to just Delete the recurring transaction, click Delete at the top of the list.
  • If you’d prefer to retain the template and change the schedule, click Edit at the top of the list.
  • Change the type to read either Unscheduled or Reminder.
  • Click Save template.


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Where do I change the view to see inactive vendors and inactive customers?

  • From the blue navigation bar on the left
  • Go to Customer center (or Vendor center)
  • Go to “Settings” gear (located far right next to export to excel and print icons)
  • Select to include inactive checkbox from the dropdown list (see screenshot photo for reference)

If there is need to run inactive (or deleted) list/report

  • Go to Reports from the blue navigation bar again
  • Select Customer Contact List (or Vendor Contact List) from the go the report search box
  • Click “Customize” button
  • Select “Lists”
  • Change Status from “Not deleted” to “Deleted”
  • Click Run report

Click on the screenshot below to enlarge it


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How to create a purchase order, receive inventory, enter bill and pay bill to vendor?

To create Purchase Order:

  • GO to “+” sign (top middle)
  • Select Purchase Order
  • Create Purchase Order

To receive inventory and enter bill:

  • GO to “+” sign (top middle)
  • Select “Bill” under Vendors heading
  • Select “Vendor” from the list (top left)
  • On right side “Purchase Order” add to link pop-up
  • Click “Add” link
  • It will automatically add to “Item details”
  • Check to see received everything from PO
  • Save and Close

To pay bill to vendor:

  • GO to “+” sign (top middle)
  • Select “Pay Bills” under Vendors heading
  • Select Vendor
  • Select and locate bill to pay
  • Save and Close

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How to edit Customer Information form?

  • From the homepage screen, go to blue navigation bar on the left
  • Select Customer (that’s CUSTOMER CENTER)
  • Locate Customer to edit
  • Double click Customer
  • Notice Edit (next to company name top right corner)

Click on the screenshot below to enlarge it

Customer Information Form
Customer Information Form


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How to create my own invoice number?

GO to the Company Gear (upper right hand corner)

  • Select “Company Setting” under Settings
  • Select “Sales” under Settings  (or “Sales Form Entry” under Preferences)
  • Check-box “Custom transaction number” (see attached screenshot below for reference)
  • SAVE

GO back to create new Invoice

  • Click “+” plus sign
  • Select “Invoice” under Customers
  • Enter new “Invoice no.” (located at top right corner)

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