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How do I delete old payroll taxes due that were paid outside of QuickBooks Online?

There is no way of deleting a tax due sitting on the account unless you delete all the paychecks created. You will need to record this tax payment in your QuickBooks Online Payroll.

Here are the simple steps:

From the home page screen > left navigation bar

  • Taxes> Payroll Taxes.
  • Under Taxes, click Enter prior tax history.
  • Click Add Payment.
  • Select the Tax Type.
  • Select the Liability Period.
  • Enter the Payment Date.
  • Enter the Check Number (or payment reference).
  • Enter the Notes (give appropriate information for record).
  • Under TAX AMOUNT ITEM, enter the breakdown amount.
  • Click OK.

This record will not show up in the registers and in bank account.

Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them
enter prior tax history

add prior tax payment

create prior tax payment

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Employees Expense Expenses

QBO: How do I make employee payroll reimbursement for expenses they incurred on behalf of the company

To set up a single reimbursement pay type for an employee:

  • Click on the Employees tab
  • Click the name of the employee
  • Click on the pencil icon beside Pay
  • Click Additional pay types
  • Click the arrow Even more ways to pay
  • Check the box for Reimbursement
  • Click Done

This is useful if you separately track reimbursements for different expense types (such as travel and supplies). Amounts paid as reimbursements are not subject to any taxes, and are not included on any forms.

Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them
1additional pay types

2even more ways to pay


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Employees Payroll

How can I get QBO Payroll to automatically assign a paycheck number for printing checks?

Unfortunately they do not have the ability to auto-assign the check numbers at this time.
In the meantime, when you run payroll, on the last page after clicking Submit Payroll, Auto Fill Check Numbers will be an option. If you need to assign check numbers AFTER running payroll, follow this route:
– from the Employees tab, click Paycheck List
– select the checks you need to assign
– enter the check numbers on the right


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