How do I enter historical expenses (already paid for) for 2013 to get started in new Quickbooks Online?

In order to enter historical expenses, stay with these two specific forms: Click “+” plus icon > select “Expense” under Vendors menu Click “+” plus icon > select “Check” under Vendors menu Expense Form: You can use this form to enter Debit card, ATM Card, EFT, Wire transfer or any banking related withdrawals or charges […]

Can I pay sub-contractors as vendors, prepare and print 1099s at the year in new QuickBooks Online Plus?

The answer is yes, if you have QuickBooks Online Plus. This feature is not available in QuickBooks Essentials and QuickBooks Simple Start, so you need to upgrade to Plus level subscription. How to setup sub-contractor as 1099 Vendor? From the Home page screen Go the the blue Navigation bar on the left Select Vendors center Select […]

How to turn on time tracking in new QuickBooks Online?

From the Home page screen Click Company “Gear” (located at upper right hand corner) Select “Company Settings” under Settings header Select “Time Tracking” under Advanced header Save Where do i go to enter time?   From home page screen, click “+” sign (top middle) Select “Single Time Activity” under Employees header Or Select “Weekly Timesheet under Employees header

How to undo a bank reconciliation without clicking of all the Rs manually in the registers in new QuickBooks Online?

There is no easy answer. Removing the Rs from the register can turn into a long, tedious process. Unfortunately, QuickBooks Online doesn’t currently have a way written into the program to undo a reconcile all at once. If you feel the reconcile must be undo, then we do require that reconciles be undone transaction by […]

How do I add a client purchase order onto my invoice, ie how do I show this on the invoice is there a custom column?

In new QBO, they’ve up to three custom fields selections available to customize invoice layout. You can pick one field for Client Purchase Order Number. From the Home page screen Select the Company Gear (located top upper corner) Select “Company Settings” under Settings header Select “Sales” under Settings” Select “Sales Form Content” Select “Custom Fields” […]

My customer would like for me to give them a print out of their payment and invoices statement of the last quarter. How do I do this?

In order to provide your customer the most information in the easiest to read format, create statements for your customer. You can do that from the home page screen by clicking on the create button at the top of the screen (the “+” sign) and selecting “Statement” under the “Other” header (If you don’t see […]