Where do recurring transactions show up in new QuickBooks Online?

It should be part of recurring transactions reminder list. From the home page screen, click company “Gear” icon (located upper right corner) Select “Recurring Transactions” from the Lists header See attached screenshot photos below for reference Recurring transactions can be set-up for: Customers Invoice Estimate Credit Memo Sales Receipt Refund Receipt Delayed Credit Delayed Charge […]

Where is the bank reconciliation in new QB Online?

From the homepage screen Click on the Company Gear (upper right- see pic) Select Reconcile under Tools heading Choose the Account Now you can Reconcile Another way to get there is from the homepage screen From the blue navigation bar on the left, select Transactions Select Registers Locate and double click the bank account(or credit […]

How can I turn off the automatic download feature for bank and credit card accounts?

I want to download bank and credit card transactions manually from time to time. How Can I turn off the automatic download feature? This is actually something QuickBooks Online does in the background. There is no preference for it. You can disconnect the download then reconnect it later. From the Blue Navigation Bar on the […]

We need to pay Sales Commissions based on Sales Invoices paid date. How to run a Customer Sales report that will tell me exactly what invoices were paid in a specific date? 

To do this job, you can run “Sales by Customer Summary” report. You will need to customize the report to show daily sales and change to cash basis. If you are using custom fields for sales rep on the Invoice, you can match the sales by Sales Rep as well. See attached screenshot photo1, photo2 […]

How to clear Vendor unpaid bills paid by other party or other loan payable account?

It involves one additional entry. Open new “Bank Clearing Account” under Bank type Go to Pay Bills (+ sign > Pay Bills under Vendor Heading) Select Payment Account = Bank Clearing Account Select Hand-written check (Starting Check No.) = some payment reference number (or Loan from..) Click Pay Bills button Next step is to write […]

QBO Keyboard shortcuts and other ways to speed things up

You want it fast? Leverage keyboard shortcuts. They’re the quickest way to navigate QuickBooks so you can get in and out and back to business. These are the shortcuts that the team has built into the new QuickBooks so far: To pull up a list view of all your shortcuts, press [ctrl]+[alt or option]+[/ or […]