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How can I manually download transactions from my bank? How do I get more than 90 days of bank transactions? Should I use Web-Connect?

How to get more than 90 days of bank transactions?

You’ll start by signing in to your bank’s website and downloading a valid webconnect file.

Valid webconnect files:

  • .qbo (QuickBooks),
  • .qfx (Quicken) and
  • .ofx (MS Money)

Then SAVE it to your computer in a location that you can find.

Now go to QuickBooks Online:

  1. Go to Transactions>Banking
  2. Once you are on the Downloaded Transaction screen, click on File Upload at the top right.
  3. Next, you’ll start the Web Connect mini-interview.
  4. Click Browse and select your Web Connect file from your computer.
  5. Click Next.
  6. In the drop-down menu, select the account where you’d like to upload the transactions.
  7. Click Save and Finish.

NOTE: If you attempt to upload a file of the wrong format, a message will appear stating: The uploaded file isn’t a valid Web-Connect file.

ALSO REMEMBER: if the transactions precede the opening balance that was entered into QuickBooks Online, the opening balance will change.

Check out KB 2370 for help on troubleshooting web-connect errors.



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How to fix problems with downloaded banking transactions? How do I troubleshoot the issues? What does the error messages mean?

Having trouble with your banking connection or transactions in QuickBooks Online?

Find your issue and click on the link to the knowledgebase article that will help you.

Finding or connecting to your bank:

  • If your menu option is Banking > Online BankingKB 1722
  • If your menu option is Banking > Downloaded TransactionsKB 5008

Handling errors: KB 1833

Downloaded transactions are duplicate or missing:

  • If your menu option is Banking > Online Banking: KB 1892
  • If your menu option is Banking > Downloaded Transactions: KB 5033

Disconnecting an account from the bank download:

  • If your menu option is Banking > Online Banking: KB 1724
  • If your menu option is Banking > Downloaded Transactions: KB 4984



Bank Register Chart of Accounts

My opening balance is incorrect? How do I edit it in new QuickBooks Online?

If the opening balance in one of your Balance Sheet accounts is wrong, you can open the register of that account and correct it from the Chart of Accounts.

From the home page screen:

  1. Go the Company Gear icon (upper right corner) and click Chart of Accounts under Settings.
  2. Highlight the name of the account, then click Register button.
  3. Go to the top of the register, locate to the Opening Balance entry and edit the amount.
  4. Click SAVE. The change will not be saved if you navigate away from the register without saving.

Note:  This Balance Sheet account must be one that you entered an opening balance for when you created it, not continuation of opening balance from prior years.

Bank Register Chart of Accounts Reports

What to do when beginning balance is way off since last bank reconciliation?

There is no simple and easy answer. There may be couple of reasons why the beginning balance could change.

1) Edited or changed transaction amount after reconciliation

2) Deleted transaction amount after reconciliation

3) Changed the “R” status manually from the bank register

In other words, prior months financials were restated after the bank reconciliation.

First, just because the beginning balance amount changed, does not necessarily mean the ending balance is wrong as well. You should first try reconciliation with the ending balance (although the beginning balance is different) to see if there is reconciliation difference due to prior months changes.

You should also check the bank register (blue navigation bar on the left > transactions > registers > double click bank account in question > go to register> look for missing “R” after reconciliation

In order to see any bank transactions were deleted after reconciliation, you should see “Audit Log” report (blue navigation bar on the left > transactions > reports > go to report type audit log

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Bank Deposit Bank Register Banking

We have several refunds and deposits that were grouped together by our merchant account processor and deposited in our bank as a negative deposit amount.

You are right! They do not offer any designated way to record as a negative deposit amount. They missed to recognize it happens in business.

Here is my work-around approach for now. You will need to create a new bank account type account. Let’s name the account as “Deposits Clearing” account.

For the refunds part, you will need to create “Refund Receipt” and select “Refund From” as “Deposits Clearing” account.

For the deposits part, you will also need to select Deposit to and send it to “Deposits Clearing” account. This could be either from “Receive Payment” form if it was for paid invoice or directly from “Sales Receipt” form.

After these two steps, you should see negative balance shown on “Deposits Clearing” account. In order to make that account zero, we will use bank transfer tab.

Go to “Transfer” (Create + sign > Other > Transfer form

Transfer funds from = real bank account

Transfer funds to = “Deposits Clearing” account

Transfer amount = deposit amount

Once you transfer funds from real bank account that, entry will create as negative deposit transaction.

Bank Register Order Checks Print Checks

Can I print check directly from the bank register?

No, you cannot print check directly from the bank register. You can enter as Check type in bank register and then, print the Check from the QBO designated Check form.

To do that:

Enter transaction as Check type in Bank Register and Save. Highlight or click on the entered transaction, you will see a bar with four button. Select “Edit” will open Check form. Select Print Check at the bottom.


(Create + sign > Vendors > Check > Recent Checks icon (small clock, upper left corner) > Locate check transaction > Print Check button is located at the bottom middle.

Or better yet, use Check form as designated by QBO. Enter and print check.

Bank Register Banking Feature Request Feedback

We were able to view the bank register and make corrections, etc. in old QBO. Now with the new QBO, we need to be able to have the same access and features before.

If manage user’s access level has not changed, you should be able to edit transactions from the bank (check) register in new QuickBooks.

From the blue navigation bar on the left > select Transactions > select Registers > Locate and double click on the bank account to edit

It will take to “Bank Register” screen. Highlight entry, make change and save. Four tabs bar will also open. If you click on “Edit” button, it will take to originally entry form.

You cannot change the “type” of expense transaction. For example, you cannot change from “Expense” type “Bill” type transaction. For that you will need to delete the transaction and create new type of transaction.

Bank Deposit Bank Register Bank Transfer Banking undeposited funds

Is there any way to select all in undeposited funds instead of clicking on them one by one?

At this time, there is no way to select all from “Receive Payment” screen deposit to Undeposited Funds account. But I see huge advantage of having “Select All” button and “Clear All” button like currently available in “Bank Deposit” form.

To add this new feature request, add your voice here:

Bank Register

How can I print a Check Register or Check Listing only in new QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

I Only want it to show Date, Check Number, Vendor Name and the Amount of the check. For a certain date range say for example day, week, month, etc.

From the home screen page
Go the blue navigation bar

  • Select Reports
  • Go to report (magnifying glass) and type Balance Sheet
  • Select Balance Sheet Report
  • Balance Sheet report will open.
  • Find the bank account you want the check register for, then click on the amount next to the account name.
  • Change transaction dates to reflect the range you’d like to see.
  • Click “Customize” button (upper left corner)
  • Go to Lists
  • Select Transaction Type
  • Choose “Select Multiple” from the dropdown
  • Add “Check” from the list
  • Add “Bill Payment (Check)” from the list
  • Click OK button
  • Go to Rows/Columns and select Change Columns
  • Remove “Memo/Description”
  • Remove “Account”
  • Remove “Split”
  • Remove “Balance”
  • Click OK button
  • Go to Header/Footer
  • Change Report Title from “Transaction Report” to Bank Name Check Register”
  • Click blue “Run Report” button

Select “Print” or “Excel” button as your choice.

How can I print a Check Register or Check Listing only in new QuickBooks Online

How to change in a number of rows in a check register?

You change a number of rows to be displayed on one page from the middle gear icon from 50 to 300 rows. See attached screenshot below for reference.

check register rows
check register rows

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Bank Deposit Bank Register Banking

How do you print a deposit summary only without a deposit slip in new QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

“Print deposit summary only” feature is available now. See attached screenshot photo for reference

From the home page screen

  • Select Create (+) sign (upper-middle screen)
  • Select “Bank Deposit” tab under “Other” heading
  • Blank “Deposit” form will open. To locate recent deposits, select “small clock” icon, upper-left-corner. Click “More’ if you expand this list or deposit looking for is not on this list. You can even “Search” function if needed.
  • Once the “Deposit” form is open, look at the bottom for the “Print” button.
  • Click that and one option is to “Print Deposit Summary Only” button
  • Select “Print Deposit Summary Only”
  • Print or Preview screen will open
  • Hoover around your mouse on the bottom-right section of the screen to locate print button.
  • You can choose “Print using system dialog…” print or save as PDF
Print Deposit Summary Only
Print Deposit Summary Only