Bank Deposit Bank Register

Transfer funds two bank accounts (with or without banking downloads)

Bank Register Chart of Accounts Reconcile

Entered opening balance is wrong. How to fix it.

Customer Center Customers Receive Payment Sales

How to enter payments received from a collections agency in QBO

Banking Customer Center Estimate Invoice

September 2015 update | Add Subtotal on Invoice Estimate | Bank Feeds

Banking Import Data

Import / File Upload QBO, CSV, QFX, or OFX format

Close the books Company Gear Company Settings Year End

How do I “Close the books” for a given month so no further transactions can be posted in new QuickBooks Online?

Accounting Close Date Setup
Accounting Close Date Setup

From the Home page screen

  • Click the Company gear in the upper right of your Home screen
  • Choose Company Settings from the dropdown
  • Click Advanced on the left
  • Click in the Accounting section (it’s at the top of the page)
  • Check the box for Close the books
  • Enter a Closing date
  • They offer 2 selections from the dropdown selector

a) Allow changes after viewing a warning
b) Allow changes after viewing a warning and entering password

  • Select One based on your accounting security need. Selection with password will protect more since password is assigned here by the admin.
  • Click Save
  • Click Done
Accounting Close Date Warning
Accounting Close Date Warning
Accounting Close Date Warning with Password
Accounting Close Date Warning with Password

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