Location Tracking

Now You Can! #1 Create line item Journal Entry by LOCATION #2 Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss by LOCATION Report #3 Bank Deposit (Deposited to Undeposited Funds) by LOCATION

How to provide QBO access to my CPA, Accountant, Tax Accountant or Bookkeeping firm in new QuickBooks Online?

Adding accountant access (allowed up to two) is quick and easy in the new QuickBooks Online. Simply follow the steps outlined below, and you’ll be all set. 1.Sign in to your QuickBooks Online company. 2.Choose Company Gear Icon (upper right corner) > Manage Users under Your Company heading. 3.Go to the Accountants section and click […]

Set up QB Online. Connected and downloaded transactions from bank. Reports show no data.

Listen to me carefully, just because you have setup QBO, connected to bank account and downloaded from the bank that does not mean you have hired a bookkeeper to do the job for you. You still have to move from new transaction from bank feed to in QuickBooks area. From the home page screen > […]

What happened to the “Items” tab when I enter bills?

If you see “Bill” form with account only and there is no  “Item Details tab” separately,  it usually means “Show Items table on expense” setting is turned off. In order enable Show Items table on expense and purchase forms: From the home page screen Select the Company Gear (upper right corner) Select Settings Select Company Settings […]

How do I change date format in new QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

I have date format showing MM/dd/yyyy and I want to show dd/MM/yyyy. How do I change it? From the home page screen Go to the Company “Gear” (upper right corner) Select “Company Settings” under Settings Click “Advanced” tab on the left Choose “Miscellaneous” section to change this date format Save How do I change date […]

How do I change the accounting method for my company in new QuickBooks Online?

Accounting methods Cash basis and accrual basis are accounting methods that determine when and how you report income and expenses for tax purposes. The IRS wants you to use the same method each year when reporting income or loss. You should talk to your accountant about which is most appropriate for your business. What is […]

Can I close my books on a monthly & yearly basis to control changes being made in prior periods?

Yes. You can set the closing date after month end closing process is done. To set the close date of the books: From the home page screen Select the Company “Gear” (upper-right-corner) Select “Company Settings” under Settings Select “Advanced” Select “Accounting” tab Select “Close the books” under Accounting Select “Closing date” and choose protection level […]

I recently went to the new quickbooks online. How do I create a billing statement of open items to send to my customers like I used to do easily before?

From the Homepage screen Click “+” sign (top middle) Select “Statement” under Other header How to email statement to a customer? Select “Edit” under Delivery Method column Default could be “None”  Select “Email” from the pop up screen and follow the instructions Select “Create/Send Selected Statements” button It will send email and will end with […]