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How do I change the first day of the week on my time sheet

You can change the first day of your work week in your Company Preference Settings.

  1. Choose the Gear icon at the upper right corner
  2. Your Company
  3. Account and Settings
  4. Click Advanced
  5. In the Time Tracking section, click on the Edit icon. This will show the First day of work week field
  6. From the drop-down menu, choose the appropriate First day of work week
  7. Click Save.

Your time sheets will now begin on the appropriate day.
Note: If you work week starts on a weekend make sure to mark the checkbox. Show weekends at the middle gear icon at the far right.

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How to turn on time tracking in new QuickBooks Online?

Setup Time Tracking
Setup Time Tracking

From the Home page screen

  • Click Company “Gear” (located at upper right hand corner)
  • Select “Company Settings” under Settings header
  • Select “Time Tracking” under Advanced header
  • Save

Where do i go to enter time?  

Enter Time Tracking
Enter Time Tracking

From home page screen,

  • click “+” sign (top middle)
  • Select “Single Time Activity” under Employees header
  • Or Select “Weekly Timesheet under Employees header