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  • How can I make an inactive employee active again

    Here’s how to reactivate an inactive employee: From the homepage dashboard Go to Employees Choose Inactive Employees from Active Employees drop-down arrow Click Inactive Employee row in question Click “Employment” pencil at the far right Under Status, you should see “Not on Payroll” for inactive employee Select “Active” from the drop-down list Save Done See […]

  • Enter a weekly timesheet

    Create Employees > Create “+” sign at the top middle of the QBO homepage screen, in between magnifying glass and clock icon > Employees > Weekly Timesheet You will need a Plus plan for this activity. Enter a weekly timesheet Choose a name from the list. An employee or a Vendor name for Independent Contractor. […]

  • #QuickBooks #QBO – How to assign employees to classes

    First, you need a PLUS plan to have class tracking features. To turn on the class tracking: From the home page screen At the right upper corner, click the company gear icon. Select Company Settings under Settings. Under Company, click anywhere on Categories. Select Track classes. Select Warn me when a transaction isn’t assigned a […]

  • QBO: How do I make employee payroll reimbursement for expenses they incurred on behalf of the company

    To set up a single reimbursement pay type for an employee: Click on the Employees tab Click the name of the employee Click on the pencil icon beside Pay Click Additional pay types Click the arrow Even more ways to pay Check the box for Reimbursement Click Done This is useful if you separately track […]

  • How can I get QBO Payroll to automatically assign a paycheck number for printing checks?

    Unfortunately they do not have the ability to auto-assign the check numbers at this time. In the meantime, when you run payroll, on the last page after clicking Submit Payroll, Auto Fill Check Numbers will be an option. If you need to assign check numbers AFTER running payroll, follow this route: – from the Employees […]

  • How to email the employee pay stub out automatically in new QuickBooks Online?

    They are handling pay stub a little bit different in the new product. They have recently updated the way the employees can access their paycheck stubs online. This is through ViewMyPaychecks: https://paychecks.intuit.com/ Employees can log in or create an Intuit ID and simply verify their Social Security Number and the next amount of their last […]

  • Can I put myself on payroll as an employee?

    Answer entirely depends on on the legal entity type for your business. If you are filing tax return as a sole proprietor, the answer is definitely no since you are not as employee. If the business is a corporation type, then you are an employee and you must be paid reasonable compensation and can be […]

  • How to add Billable Hours and Rate to Invoices from Timesheets (Employee or Contractor) in new QuickBooks Online?

    You can get there by clicking the Customize button tab at the bottom (middle section) of the Invoice, Estimate, and Sales Receipt. Select “More” > Check boxes to show Billable to include employee name, hours and rate. You can also get there from the Company Gear (upper-corner) > Company Settings under Settings header > Sales […]