How to email the employee pay stub out automatically in new QuickBooks Online?

They are handling pay stub a little bit different in the new product.

They have recently updated the way the employees can access their paycheck stubs online.

This is through ViewMyPaychecks:

Employees can log in or create an Intuit ID and simply verify their Social Security Number and the next amount of their last check one time. Intuit will then provide the employee with all of their paycheck stubs. And, since the employee is logging in with an Intuit ID, Intuit will handle and login issues. All you as the employer will have to do is to supply the employees with a getting started PDF so that they can view their paycheck stub as soon as it become available.

Here is more detail information link:

You can also save the paychecks stub as a PDF from the Paycheck List on the Reports tab. Once downloaded you can email them to your employees.