#QuickBooks #QBO How do I get separate payments from different customers to show up as one deposit as it does when I deposit it in the bank?

On Receive Payment screen (create + sign > customers > receive payment) > select deposit to: undeposited funds > choose invoice and payment amount > save Next step > On Bank Deposit screen (create + sign > other > bank deposit) > select customer payments > match total payment to bank deposit > save If […]

How does one record use of multiple payment sources for a single expense?

I made a large purchase that had to be paid with multiple payment sources. I can find lots of information for splitting a single payment into multiple expenses, but how does one go about recording the opposite case? For example, a $10,000 expense that was paid $6,000 from a checking account and $4,000 on a […]

How to record overpayment on Invoice by customer in new QuickBooks?

From the home page screen Select Create (+) sign Select “Receive Payment” under Customers heading Select “Amount Received” and enter payment amount Select Outstanding Transactions and check applicable Invoice payment If it’s over-payment, it will leave credit balance on customer’s A/R account.

How to set up vendor payment term where all bills are due month-end of the following month? For example, April vendor bills are due on 31st of May.

To setup “Term” in new QuickBooks Online: From the homepage screen Select the Company Gear (upper-corner) Select “All Lists” under Lists heading Select “Terms” Select “New” button New Term screen will open Name = Due following month end (or name as needed) Select “Due following month end” Enter “31” day of month Under Due the […]

How do I see if a customer/client has paid their invoice by credit card in new QuickBooks Online?

How do I see if a customer/client has paid their invoice by credit card in new QuickBooks Online? Assuming you have opened merchant services with Intuit QuickBooks payment account, to check and verify the customers credit card payments you’ve received You can visit https://merchantcenter.intuit.com Go to Activity Select Reports Select Deposits