How to get QuickBooks mobile app and upload expense transactions with receipt attachment?

To get mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Andriod, vist this website:

To get your receipt uploaded and expense recorded to QuickBooks Online:

  • Sign into your QuickBooks Online mobile app
  • Select your company
  • Click the Create (+) in the upper right
  • Select Expense from the menu that appears
  • Click the blank square field towards the upper left (there’s a blue camera image in the center of the field)
  • Select “Take Photo” to take a new picture of the item, or “Choose Photo” if you’ve already taken and saved the image to your device
  • Click “Amount” to enter an amount for this expense
  • Select a payment account and an expense account for this transaction
  • When you’re finished, click Save in the upper right to lock this transaction in

When you return to QuickBooks Online on a computer, you’ll find that Expense with an attachment of the image you provided at the lower left.