How to create a statement for one specific customer in new QuickBooks Online?

From the home page screen
Select the blue navigation bar on the left
Select “Customers” which is Customer Center page
Locate and Select Customer to print/send Statement
You are at a specific customer’s transactions page now.
GO to “Create new” blue button at the middle-right section.
Select “Statement” from the drop-down create new selector
Choose Statement Settings
Currently available statement type
Balance Forward
Open Item
Transaction Statement
Select Statement Dates
Select “Send” or “Print” Statements button
Caution: If you select “Send” Statements button, it will just send without further screen choice. Also, there is no way of finding out the status whether it was actually sent or customer viewed sent statement. I like to see this feature added, just like on Invoice status.

See attached screenshot photo for reference.

Create New Statement
Create New Statement

Create New Statement. Settings
Create New Statement. Settings