Invoice Statement

How to show total amount due on invoice with balance forward from previous invoices?

All you have to do is customize your Invoice to show “Account summary” by going through newly designed Custom Form Styles. See attached screenshots.

From the home page screen > company gear (upper right corner) > custom form styles > edit (under Action column) > next > Make adjustments > show tables > select “account summary” checkbox > save

Now every time your invoice will show “Total amount due” for that customer with balance forward.

account summary
account summary2

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Customer Center Customers Statement

How to create a statement for one specific customer in new QuickBooks Online?

From the home page screen
Select the blue navigation bar on the left
Select “Customers” which is Customer Center page
Locate and Select Customer to print/send Statement
You are at a specific customer’s transactions page now.
GO to “Create new” blue button at the middle-right section.
Select “Statement” from the drop-down create new selector
Choose Statement Settings
Currently available statement type
Balance Forward
Open Item
Transaction Statement
Select Statement Dates
Select “Send” or “Print” Statements button
Caution: If you select “Send” Statements button, it will just send without further screen choice. Also, there is no way of finding out the status whether it was actually sent or customer viewed sent statement. I like to see this feature added, just like on Invoice status.

See attached screenshot photo for reference.

Create New Statement
Create New Statement

Create New Statement. Settings
Create New Statement. Settings

Company Settings Customer Center Customers Settings Statement

I recently went to the new quickbooks online. How do I create a billing statement of open items to send to my customers like I used to do easily before?

From the Homepage screen

      Click “+” sign (top middle)
      Select “Statement” under Other header

How to email statement to a customer?

      Select “Edit” under Delivery Method column
      Default could be “None” 
      Select “Email” from the pop up screen and follow the instructions
      Select “Create/Send Selected Statements” button
      It will send email and will end with “Statements Created” message report.
Statement Delivery Method
Statement Delivery Method
Statement Choose Type
Statement Choose Type
Statement Delivery Email
Statement Delivery Email
Statement Created
Statement Created
Customer Center Customers Customers Center Statement

My customer would like for me to give them a print out of their payment and invoices statement of the last quarter. How do I do this?


In order to provide your customer the most information in the easiest to read format, create statements for your customer.

You can do that from the home page screen by clicking on the create button at the top of the screen (the “+” sign) and selecting “Statement” under the “Other” header (If you don’t see this when you select the “+” button, then click on “Show More”).

For this customer, I would advise that you create a transaction statement*. This will show all transactions that you have billed them during the period you select and also whether or not they have paid!

  • In new QBO, you can choose the following statement type:
  • Balance Forward
  • Open Item
  • Transaction Statement

Statement - Transaction Statement
Statement – Transaction Statement
Statement - Transaction Statement 2
Statement – Transaction Statement 2
Statement - Transaction Statement 3
Statement – Transaction Statement 3