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QuickBooks Online Mobile iPhone iPad App

With QuickBooks Online Mobile App, these are key activities you can do on your mobile device (iPhone & iPad):

  • View, add, and edit customers and sub-customers, and import them from your contacts.
  • Add notes (with or without photos) to customers and transactions.
  • View, create, edit, and delete estimates, invoices, payments, and sales receipts.
  • Add expenses (attach photos of receipts), vendors, and bank and/or expense accounts.

The QBO mobile app is still more limited in features and functionality. When you need more robust functionality, use QuickBooks Online on the web via Chrome or Safari.

See QBO Mobile App Feature Comparison, here.

Our Video Tutorials on QuickBooks Online Mobile iPhone iPad App — COMING SOON!

Attachments Expenses QuickBooks Mobile App Transactions

How to get QuickBooks mobile app and upload expense transactions with receipt attachment?

To get mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Andriod, vist this website:

To get your receipt uploaded and expense recorded to QuickBooks Online:

  • Sign into your QuickBooks Online mobile app
  • Select your company
  • Click the Create (+) in the upper right
  • Select Expense from the menu that appears
  • Click the blank square field towards the upper left (there’s a blue camera image in the center of the field)
  • Select “Take Photo” to take a new picture of the item, or “Choose Photo” if you’ve already taken and saved the image to your device
  • Click “Amount” to enter an amount for this expense
  • Select a payment account and an expense account for this transaction
  • When you’re finished, click Save in the upper right to lock this transaction in

When you return to QuickBooks Online on a computer, you’ll find that Expense with an attachment of the image you provided at the lower left.