How do make inactive (deleted) customer active again in new QuickBooks Online?

It’s very easy to make inactive customer active again in new QBO.
In order to make reactivate a customer, from the home page screen

  • Select “Customers” from the blue navigation bar the left
  • From the “Customers Center”, select small “Gear” on the far middle right
  • Select “Include Inactive” box from the gear drop-down selector
  • It will list customers with inactive (deleted) accounts
  • Locate and click reactivate a customer from the list
  • Select “Make Active” under Customer profile screen
  • You will get prompt message like “Customer to delete is now active.”
  • See screenshot photos for reference.
1 home page screen
1 home page screen
2 customer center
2 customer center
3 include active
3 include active
4 make active button
4 make active button

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