How do I permanently delete “Excluded” transactions in bank feeds?

  You can permanently delete bank downloaded transactions in QuickBooks Online (QBO). In order to permanently delete a bank downloaded transaction (or multiple transactions) from the banking center, you will first need to move it from “For Review” tab to “Excluded” tab. To move from “For Review” tab to “Excluded” tab: From the home page […]

I accidentally deleted the Cost of Goods Sold in my Chart of Accounts. When I went to recreate it, the detail no longer includes a general COGS option. How do I re-add the top-level COGS detail?

Luckily, you cannot delete account in new QuickBooks Online. You can make it inactive only. To make it active again: Go the Chart of Accounts (Company Gear (upper right corner) > Lists > Chart of Accounts Include Active checkbox (see attached screenshot photo for reference) Chart of Accounts page will refresh itself Scroll down the […]

How do make inactive (deleted) customer active again in new QuickBooks Online?

It’s very easy to make inactive customer active again in new QBO. In order to make reactivate a customer, from the home page screen Select “Customers” from the blue navigation bar the left From the “Customers Center”, select small “Gear” on the far middle right Select “Include Inactive” box from the gear drop-down selector It […]

How do you delete/deactivate a sales tax code in new QuickBooks Online?

You can deactivate Sales Tax agency in the new QuickBooks Online. From the homepage screen Go to the blue navigation bar on the left Select Sales Tax Select Add/edit tax rates and agencies under related tasks Locate Tax agency to deactivate and checkbox Select Deactivate button New warning screen will open Click Continue and Done

How to delete an Invoice in new QuickBooks Online?

When you delete an invoice, you delete a posted transaction, so this will affect your report totals and the customer’s balance. Also, any unbilled, non-posted transactions that were included on the invoice become available again to be included on the next invoice you create. To delete an invoice Find/locate the Invoice to delete. From the […]