QuickBooks Online QBO Update – August 2016

Here’s what’s new in U.S. QuickBooks Online (QBO) in August 2016 that I have noticed so far. These are few minor enhancements, nothing big updates.

  1. Edit header to show a logo and change the report title and subtitle. You can also click right on the title.
  2. edit header
    edit header
  3. Email Messaging for Invoice: Add a Cc and Bcc email address to emailed invoices. This comes in really handy to share with a group of employees who needs this data.
  4. invoice message cc bcc
    invoice message cc bcc
  5. They have also added Cc/Bcc field to Invoice form as well.
  6. invoice field cc bcc
    invoice field cc bcc
  7. Email Messaging Purchase Order : Create default message for emailed purchase orders.
  8. po message
    po message
  9. Edit Recurring Transaction: Newly added options are Duplicate, Pause, Skip Next Date. Now they have five edit options:
  • Use
  • Duplicate
  • Pause
  • Skip Next Date
  • Delete

edit recurring transactions
edit recurring transactions



New Reconciliation in QuickBooks Labs


Create a bundle name in Products and Services

What is a bundle? A bundle is simply a way of grouping products and services that you often sell together. Bundles save time when you create sales transactions. Instead of entering each product or service as a separate line item, you just enter the bundle itself, and QuickBooks automatically adds the bundled items to the transaction for you.




QuickBooks Online QBO August 2016 Update


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