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  • How to fix: Invoice numbers stay same on recurring transactions in QuickBooks Online

    Case: With recurring transactions none of the invoice numbers ever change. They are the same month to month, as well as across multiple customers with same invoice number. It is becoming a huge problem getting paid from Customers (Clients) when they see the same invoice number every month. First, we will need to turn on […]

  • Can QuickBooks Online remind me that I need to create an invoice

    Yes, you can set up “Reminder” in QuickBooks Online. This is how you do it: From the home page screen Click on your company gear in the top right corner Click Recurring Transactions under the Lists column Click New Change the Transaction Type to Invoice Change Type to Reminder Your reminder will show up in […]

  • How to setup recurring Sales Receipt to automatically send email

    Assuming you already have a recurring Sales Receipt template setup (*) for a customer and that recurring template shows an email address for the customer, you will need to do the following. From the home page screen: left navigation bar Customers From the customer center page, select a customer Select “Edit” button (upper right corner) […]

  • Recording Daily Sales – Restaurants, Retail Stores, POS Cash Register, Sales Template

    In QBO Essentials and, you can create a Recurring Sales Transaction to be used at the end of each day to record your daily sales transactions. This YouTube video will show step-by-step instructions on how to record daily sales in QBO. We highly encourage you to watch the entire video. You do not want to […]

  • Does QBO Plus have memorized transaction groups?

    Does QBO Plus have memorized transaction groups? I would like to organize my memorized transactions using a Group like I did in the desktop version. That would be really nice feature to have it in QBO. Unfortunately, QBO does not have that feature yet.

  • How do I stop any recurring invoices in QBO?

    To stop a recurring transaction from recurring, you will either need to delete the recurring transaction, or edit the schedule so that it will not be regenerated. Here’s how to do it: First, click the gear in the upper right of your Home screen. Choose Recurring Transactions from the menu. Click the recurring transaction to select it. If you’d like to […]