I accidentally deleted the Cost of Goods Sold in my Chart of Accounts. When I went to recreate it, the detail no longer includes a general COGS option. How do I re-add the top-level COGS detail?

Luckily, you cannot delete account in new QuickBooks Online. You can make it inactive only. To make it active again: Go the Chart of Accounts (Company Gear (upper right corner) > Lists > Chart of Accounts Include Active checkbox (see attached screenshot photo for reference) Chart of Accounts page will refresh itself Scroll down the […]

How do I make an inactive customer active again in new QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

To activate a customer that was made inactive: From the home page screen Go to blue navigation bar on the left and select customers tab Select Gear icon (far-middle-right, sits just above the “ACTION” column) From this drop-down list you, choose “Include inactive” Now the customer list will also show all of the inactive customers […]

How do make inactive (deleted) customer active again in new QuickBooks Online?

It’s very easy to make inactive customer active again in new QBO. In order to make reactivate a customer, from the home page screen Select “Customers” from the blue navigation bar the left From the “Customers Center”, select small “Gear” on the far middle right Select “Include Inactive” box from the gear drop-down selector It […]

Where do I change the view to see inactive vendors and inactive customers?

From the blue navigation bar on the left Go to Customer center (or Vendor center) Go to “Settings” gear (located far right next to export to excel and print icons) Select to include inactive checkbox from the dropdown list (see screenshot photo for reference) If there is need to run inactive (or deleted) list/report Go […]