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The first time you run payroll, you’ll probably handwrite paychecks on your personal or business account, and then print out pay stubs for your employees. If you set up direct deposit from your bank to your employees’ bank accounts, you can print stubs on payday. You can also choose to set up paycheck printing using preprinted check stock. Handwrite checks or direct deposit employee pay, then print pay stubs on plain paper
You can pay employees by direct deposit or by writing a check by hand, and then give them their printed pay stubs for a record of taxes and wages paid. …MORE

You can print/reprint pay stubs or paychecks at any time from the “Paycheck List” report.

To reprint:
1) In the left navigation bar, click Reports.
2) Click the All Reports tab, and then click Manage Payroll.
3) From the list of reports, click Paycheck List.
4) When the report page opens, select the checkboxes for the pay stubs or paychecks you want to print.
5) Click Print to open the PDF in a new tab.
6) Right-click in the pay stub PDF, and choose Print (or for Mac, press Command-P).

(Dashboard > Reports > Type Paycheck list)

Paycheck Printer Setting:

If you need different paycheck printer setting, you change it under preferences.
Gear > Payroll Settings > Paycheck Printing under Preferences.

Will QuickBooks Payroll print routing and bank numbers on black check stock for payroll?

No. You need preprinted forms check stubs.


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I don’t see the Print paychecks button. Where is it?

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Print pay stubs

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How do I add this one-time bonus properly to Quickbooks payroll

This is how to handle employee bonus in QuickBooks Payroll. You will first need to add a Bonus type under the employee profile and then you run either just a Bonus check alone or the regular check with the Bonus amount. You will need to take the following steps to process the bonus check:

To set up Bonus as “Additional pay” type to the name of the employee:

  • Go to Employees Center.
  • Select the name of the employee from the Employee list.
  • Under Employee details, click “Pay” the pencil icon.
  • Under question number three, click “Pay” the pencil icon again.
  • Check the “Bonus” box.
  • Click Done.
  • Click Done.





To run the Bonus check alone:

  • Go to Employees Center.
  • Next to the Run payroll button, click the drop-down arrow.
  • Click Bonus only (at the upper right corner).
  • Select As net pay or As gross pay.
  • Click Continue.
  • Enter the Pay date.
  • Enter the Bonus amount.
  • To pay by paper check but not direct deposit, click the lightning icon, then switch “pay by” to paper check from direct deposit.
  • Choose Bank account.
  • Click Preview payroll.
  • It should also calculate employee taxes for that bonus amount.
  • Click Submit payroll.
  • Enter check number to print.
  • Select Print paychecks button to print.
  • Click Finish payroll.

To run the regular check with the Bonus amount:

  • Under Employee, click the Run payroll button.
  • Select the Pay Date and the Pay period.
  • Enter the Bonus amount.
  • Click the Preview payroll button.
  • Click the Submit payroll button.
  • Click the Finish payroll button.







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How to setup payroll direct deposit in QBO Payroll Plan?

Direct Deposit is included with your Payroll subscription, regardless of your payroll plan.

To set up your Direct Deposit:

  1. Click the Gear Icon with your company name (upper right corner)
  2. Under “Settings” select Payroll Settings
  3. Under “Payroll” select Direct Deposit

1 payroll settings

2 direct deposit

3 setup direct deposit

Here you can enter the information for the bank account you’ll use to make direct deposit or electronic payments.

To enter your Employee’s Direct Deposit information:

  1. Click Employees
  2. Select the employee
  3. Click the pencil icon next to Pay
  4. Edit How do you want to pay _____?
  5. Select Direct Deposit

Here you can enter the bank information your employee provided.

4 employer bank account

5 authorization of direct deposit