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  • How do I make sure the attachments on my invoices go with email

    How do I make sure the attachments on my invoices go with email You can send an invoice with an attachment to an email address. Just to make sure that the “Attach to email” box is checked with the attachment that goes with the invoice.

  • How to change transaction numbers like invoice number sequence

    Transaction reference numbers help you easily identify transactions. QBO will automatically assign transaction numbers in sequence. But if you want to change the starting custom transaction number of your own, you can do so. You would want to turn the company settings ON once, assign a custom number and turn it OFF again so that […]

  • QuickBooks – How do I edit the footer message which appears in all my Invoices

    To edit the invoice footer message: From the home page screen Click in the company gear at the upper right Go the settings Click custom form styles Find the Standard template under Name and click Edit under Action Select Footer See “Message to customer”. This is where you can edit the message details from the […]

  • How do I stop any recurring invoices in QBO?

    To stop a recurring transaction from recurring, you will either need to delete the recurring transaction, or edit the schedule so that it will not be regenerated. Here’s how to do it: First, click the gear in the upper right of your Home screen. Choose Recurring Transactions from the menu. Click the recurring transaction to select it. If you’d like to […]