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Why does the “Due on Receipt” term set a due date other than the Invoice date?

If you have an invoice with the Terms field populated with “Due on receipt,” the Due Date field should automatically update to the same date as the Invoice Date field.

You should see like this for example: Invoice Date = July 1, 2015; Due Date = July 1, 2015

If for example see like this: Invoice Date = July 1, 2015; Due Date = July 10, 2015

It is most likely created the default term for “Due on receipt” with incorrect settings.

To review and correct this Term settings:
From the home page screen:

    • Company gear (upper right corner)
    • Lists
    • All Lists
    • Terms
    • Select “Due on Receipt”
    • Select “Edit” under Action column (far right, pull-down arrow)
    • Review the term setup to ensure that bulleted “Due in fixed number of days” entered is “0” days. If you have 10 here, on invoice, it will show invoice date plus 10 days.
    • Save

due on receipt

Return to the invoice, select Term “Due on receipt,” verify the date matches the Invoice date.

Click on the screenshot below to enlarge it
due on receipt invoice

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How to turn off the “Terms” so it won’t show on an Invoice at all?

Removing the “terms” completely from your invoice is a part of “Custom Form Styles” under Settings. You will need to disable the “Terms” setting just once.


Here’s how to do it:

  • Click on your Company Gear in the top right corner
  • Click Custom Form Styles under the Settings tab
  • Select form name you would like to take the Terms off of
  • Click edit under action column (far right)
  • Select your form style and click Next
  • Click on Header on the left side
  • Uncheck the box next to “Terms” under Customer
  • Click Save

Now when you invoice your customers using this customized template (under customize at the bottom),  there will be no terms of payment listed.

Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them
turn off terms

turn off terms invoice


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